3 Famous Moscow Districts You Should Visit Once in A Lifetime

The beautiful capital of Russia, spread out along the fancifully curving Moscow River and the no less wobbling Yauza River, is a rather big city. In order to somehow take it under control and simplify the management, administrative divisions are made throughout the city – with each division divided again into districts. In total, there […]

8 Hippest Suburbs of Moscow Where You Can Live In

In the current economic situation, people often have a choice – where is it better to live – in a small apartment within the Moscow Ring Road or in a spacious apartment near Moscow. Especially families with children often think about this. The developers are well aware of this and are actively building up satellite […]

7 Trendiest Moscow Neighborhoods in 2019

Just like most big cities in the world, Moscow welcomes a lot of new people on regular basis. Being a capital where the business bustles, colleges and universities are counted as some of the best in the world, fashion sparks; Moscow is always open for them who intend to move in to the city. Some […]

6 Safety Tips for You Before Enjoying Moscow’s Nightlife

Being one of the biggest cities and top tourist destinations in the world, Moscow has a reputation to keep. Recent polls say that the city has become much more comfortable, and residents and guests of the capital feel this. Moscow is approaching world standards, and somewhere even ahead of them. CCTVs are spread all over […]

5 Famous Nightclubs for a Unique Night Sensation in Moscow

New night clubs are constantly opening in Moscow, each of which claims to be the best. Therefore, it is sometimes difficult for nightlife lovers to choose one due to the positive reviews. There are some pointers to help to choose the clubs that would fit your taste, though. First of all, guests of nightclubs are […]

Raw Vegan Cake Shop in Moscow; Is It Possible to Find?

Vegetarianism is a way of diet that only includes nutrition of vegetable and dairy foods with the rejection of meat of animal origin (including poultry, fish and seafood). Some vegetarian options may exclude eggs and dairy products. Veganism is the most severe form of vegetarianism, excluding the consumption of all sorts of animal products. Vegan […]