Everlasting Summer Game, A Novel You Can Play

Do you like playing games? What type of game do you like? There are many types of games that you can play. Starting from adventure games, sports, boards and other types of games. Both games for men, for women and for both. Every country has a team to develop a game. Of course, each of […]

The Relation between Tetris and Russia That Will Surprise You

It is as if under the spell that most people always get addicted to Tetris game upon the first contact. The game design is perfect and clearly utilizes the technology of its time perfectly. So simple is the gameplay that it seems as if the player could visualize it well in a physical prototype. However, […]

How to Play the Most Popular Card Game in Russia: Durak

A lot of people like to play card games. In most cases, the anticipation is the main reason that attracts people towards card games. It helps in exercising of the brain cells that improve their thinking process and make them a lot more patient and skilled. Some people play it for time pass activity while […]