5 Famous Nightclubs for a Unique Night Sensation in Moscow

New night clubs are constantly opening in Moscow, each of which claims to be the best. Therefore, it is sometimes difficult for nightlife lovers to choose one due to the positive reviews. There are some pointers to help to choose the clubs that would fit your taste, though. First of all, guests of nightclubs are guided by the musical direction in which performers and DJs of the establishments work. After all, rest will definitely be spoiled if the musical tastes do not coincide with club music. You can evaluate the interior design of the room and get an idea of ​​the atmosphere of the institution on the Internet resources. For many people, the contingent of the place is of great importance. Young people prefer simpler establishments where you can have fun and relax. If you look for unique clubs in Moscow, we have 5 recommendations for you.

1. Coyote Ugly

This unique place is located on the Arbat. The interior of the establishment and its atmosphere resemble the famous club “Wild Coyote Bar” from the American film. Here visitors are waiting for unbridled fun. The driving atmosphere is complemented by unforgettable dancing girls at the bar. According to visitors, this place is one of the best clubs in the capital. Coyote Ugly is always loud, fun and noisy. Therefore, this place is not suitable for lovers of a relaxing holiday. It is open every night and closes at 6 in the morning.

2. Lighter

The interior decoration of the room is fully consistent with its orientation. There are soft sofas everywhere inviting you to relax. The guests’ faces are hidden in a cozy twilight. The dishes of European cuisine presented on the menu are successfully complemented by alcoholic beverages, the choice of which is very extensive. It also offers hookahs and steam cocktails. The club is open every night from 22.00 to 6.00.

3. Icon Club

There are two huge dance floors, lodges located on three levels, and VIP zones in this club. Lighting throughout the place is carefully thought out and the interiors are very refined. Up to 2,000 people can visit this place overnight. Tables are arranged mainly on the upper tiers of the boxes. This arrangement eliminates the body contact; dancing and resting do not interfere with each other. If you don’t want to take an active part in the show program and just want to watch the performance, you can choose a place in the box higher.

4. Gipsy

The atmosphere of this place resembles Miami Beach with its paradise beaches. The interior is made in the appropriate style. The stage with spotlights is complemented by a huge multi-colored dance floor, the seating area is decorated with textiles and soft sofas. On the second tier, an imitation of the deck of the ship is provided, palm trees and other greenery are arranged. The panoramic window gives you the opportunity to admire the beautiful view of the river embankment. The path to the entrance passes through a stylized passage, which ends with a staircase to the second floor and a bar in the form of an old bus.

5. Garage

This place is one of the oldest in Moscow. It has been operating since 1998. The peculiarity of this club is that you can visit it at any time of the day. The establishment is open seven days of the week. Such accessibility for the capital is considered rare. The atmosphere of the club is consistent with the name; the bar has a BMW motorcycle and an old gas station, the floors are made of steel sheets. For visitors there are two large dance floors, in the summer you can sit on a cozy veranda, play board games or sing karaoke in the chill-out area, and there is a private kitchen. The relaxation area has a pleasant romantic atmosphere.

There are literally hundreds of night clubs in Moscow. It will be overwhelming for them who are new to the city but can’t wait to enjoy the nightlife. It matters to find good reviews and recommendations, so hopefully the 5 we have listed above can help to save you time to look for the right clubs in the capital of Russia.

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