Russian Fairy Tale about Winter Stories and Its Literatures 

The notoriety of Russian writing spreads far and wide. While some people appreciate overwhelming works of art, for example, War and Peace, others may be searching for a progressively accessible gateway into the Russian writing. On the off chance that you have a place with the last classification, you might be interested in Russian literatures […]

Russian Authors Write a Lot about Russian Soul. What Is It?

If you are familiar with the classic Russian literature, then you have likely encountered the Russian soul. Just like the word itself, “soul” is something intangible and mysterious. People who live outside of Russia, but have always been curious about what the country is all about, may find this Russian soul hard to understand but […]

6 Greatest Soviet Authors of All Time

The Soviet-era might not the most enlightening era when it comes to literature, but that does not mean there were no brilliant authors in this era. The Soviet era, with its heavy restriction and censorship, doesn’t stop many talented writers to procure their best work. Some of theme are even awarded Nobel Prize for literature. […]

3 Popular Russian Books to Teach You Moral Values

Nowadays, we, more often than not, are suffocated with conflicting, ever-shifting standards of morality and ethics. At the same time, we are trying to apply and instill good values at our surroundings, say, our home. Luckily, a really great book that has the power to counter-attack those bad influences from the outside exists. It might […]

5 Most Important Books from Russia You Have to Know!

Some people often say, “Oh, this book is an important book, you have to read it.” In your opinion, what is “important books”? So why a book can be called as an important book? There are several reasons why a book in a country is called an important book. Likewise, in Russia. Do you know […]

6 Romantic Russian Books To Read on Valentine’s Day

Reading may be the last thing you would ever do on Valentine’s day, especially if you have planned for a date. You might have planned something romantic, like a dinner, valentine’s gift or something exciting, like a movie date. Reading is simply not on the list. Reading sounds like a solitary thing to do, when […]

13 Iconic Russian Books To Read Before You Die!

When some say, Russian, you immediately think about Moscow, Kremlin, Winter, and Anna Karenina. You can Get To Know The Russian Icons and can’t forget about Russian books. Russia is the land far away from full of stories and has a wide collection of Greatest Russian Novels Everyone Should Read. Here are some of the Russian Iconic […]

How to Battle Your Insomnia? Read these 11 Russian Boring Books

Who hasn’t fallen asleep reading boring books before? When you’re struggling to sleep a night? It’s a legit trick. Experts cay dive into something long, thick, no illustration books to create the perfect conditions for sleepiness to manifest. School textbooks are a great material, but how about popular ones that gain worldwide recognition that make […]

Most Recommended Russian Historical Fiction Books to Read

Any list of books set in Russia, particularly Russian historical fiction carries a common theme of love and war. Moreover, the Facts And History Of Russian Languages bound to include espionage thrillers, war, revolution, and corruption. Furthermore, Here Are Russian Medieval Historical Fiction and also a list of Cafes In Russia That Are Suitable Foor Book Worms To […]

Recommended Books For Beginners To Learn Russian Literature

The fame of Russian literature spreads worldwide. Even though, Modern Entertainment That Russian Loves To See Today always stay classic and timeless. Heavy classics such as War and Peace, is an example of Greatest Russian Novels Everyone Should Read, but others might be looking for an easier gateway into Russian literature. Here are some of the best introductory books to […]