Celebrating Maslenitsa the Russian Way – The Seven Days of Festivities

Russian Maslenitsa Celebration is like no others with all the festivities and of course, the rich Russian delicacies! After learning some facts about Maslenitsa and blini, let’s find out how Russian truly go all out celebrating Maslenitsa. Brace yourself for endless fun and meaningful experience you can expect from Maslenitsa. First thing first, Maslenitsa is a […]

Maslenitsa – the meaningful and festive ‘Butter Week’ in Russia

Hello, eager learners! After posting about some bizarre Russian tradition in celebrating Maslenitsa, we are back with even more exciting facts about the celebration. Every year, the end of February marks the ‘pancake week’ or Maslenitsa in Russia. People also nickname the week-long celebration the ‘butter week’. Russian usually celebrate Maslenitsa with tons of good […]

11 Beautiful and Unique Russian Wedding Traditions

Like many weddings throughout the world, Russian wedding is full of traditions. Prior to the wedding day, they should rent bridal dress and groom’s suit and buy several accessories. They also need to rent a vehicle which is usually a limo, book a restaurant where the celebration will take place and hire photographer and cameraman. […]

Get to Know 5 Valentine’s Symbol in Russia

Believe it or not, Russia, the country of prevailing culture and tradition, celebrates Valentine’s day much like the rest of the world. You know that Russian people take extreme pride in their history and honors it by conserving tradition. For example, check out how Russians implement the Traditions and Customs Of Russian Easter and preserve the Wedding […]

The Culture of Valentine’s Day in Russia (Love is in the air)

Russia is renowned for its highly intellectual thinkers and writers. This geographically vast country is the motherland of Dostoyevsky, Tolstoy, Pushkin, Anton Chekhov and leaders like Stalin and Lenin. You may expect that Russia will have its own unique tradition in regard to Valentine’s day, especially concerning its long legacy of cultural heritage. But it turns […]

Celebration of Valentine’s Day in Russia

St Valentine’s day falls on February 14th. All over the world, people of all ages acknowledge this annual event. It is the day when people celebrate their love. When the young confess to their crushes, partners give gifts of chocolate and flowers, and even friends can exchange greeting cards. Like the rest of the world, […]

6 Interesting Facts of Moscow Victory Day Parade

9th May is one of the historical dates for Russian society. Most of Soviet states have this celebration. The victory of Russia against Germany in World War 2, always held massively. But this celebration remains wisdom and never loses its meaning. The celebration of Russia’s victory as a tribute to the struggle of heroes in […]