What Makes Blini A Must-Taste For Newcomers in Russia?

A country’s traditional dish or signature cuisine is definitely more than just some food on a plate. There’s a lot more going on in there. Almost always, a traditional dish that has been passed over generations tells about the place’s culture, history, and a lot of stories. Russia has a lot of signature dishes that […]

Celebrating Maslenitsa with Blini – Festivities on Full Swing

Maslenitsa is also famous for being Russian pancake week. This is of course no surprise as Maslenitsa and blini are just inseparable. Celebrating Maslenitsa with blini is also a rule nobody can break. Well, imagine celebrating Christmas without all the carols. That is what Maslenitsa would be like without blini. Find out more about why celebrating […]

Celebrating Maslenitsa the Russian Way – The Seven Days of Festivities

Russian Maslenitsa Celebration is like no others with all the festivities and of course, the rich Russian delicacies! After learning some facts about Maslenitsa and blini, let’s find out how Russian truly go all out celebrating Maslenitsa. Brace yourself for endless fun and meaningful experience you can expect from Maslenitsa. First thing first, Maslenitsa is a […]

Maslenitsa – the meaningful and festive ‘Butter Week’ in Russia

Hello, eager learners! After posting about some bizarre Russian tradition in celebrating Maslenitsa, we are back with even more exciting facts about the celebration. Every year, the end of February marks the ‘pancake week’ or Maslenitsa in Russia. People also nickname the week-long celebration the ‘butter week’. Russian usually celebrate Maslenitsa with tons of good […]

Blini in Russian Culture: Bring Out All the Pancake

No one can resists the goodness a pancake offers and that is the truth. Now, speaking of pancake, there is this one special pancake that Russians really love. In fact, it is a part of every Russian’s life. Russians call this pancake ‘Blini’. Blini in Russian culture holds a very special place. It is a […]