How Does Russian View about Father Frost?

When we are talking about Christmas, the first thing we are thinking of is Father Christmas or Santa Claus. In most countries all over the world, people know Santa Claus as the jolly figure that gives presents to children who have been good throughout the year. Santa Claus will get into each children’s house, going […]

How to Celebrate Russia’s International Women’s Day

It’s a holiday! Let’s celebrate! International Women’s Day in Russia is a national holiday recognized by the state. National day when spring arrives. As a holiday, how do Russians celebrate their International Women’s Day? Russia calls International Women’s Day “The 8th of March”. People there call it that way because the celebration of International Women’s […]

Celebration of Valentine’s Day in Russia

St Valentine’s day falls on February 14th. All over the world, people of all ages acknowledge this annual event. It is the day when people celebrate their love. When the young confess to their crushes, partners give gifts of chocolate and flowers, and even friends can exchange greeting cards. Like the rest of the world, […]

11 Best Russian Food for Party or Celebration

Every country has their own tradition when it comes to serving food in party and celebrations. For example, we can find beef rendang and satay in nearly every Indonesian wedding. Russian people too, like us, favor certain dishes over others during parties and event celebrations. If you’re looking to integrate some Russian cuisine into your events, you have to […]