Celebration of Valentine’s Day in Russia

St Valentine’s day falls on February 14th. All over the world, people of all ages acknowledge this annual event. It is the day when people celebrate their love. When the young confess to their crushes, partners give gifts of chocolate and flowers, and even friends can exchange greeting cards. Like the rest of the world, Russian people also recognize Valentine’s day and celebrate it too. But what does the celebration of Valentine’s day in Russia look like? Is it any different from the ones we are used to?

It is first important to note that Russian people love commemorating holidays and merrymaking. The most famous and celebrated holidays included Christmas in Russian Orthodox Church and The Orthodox Easter Day in Russia.

Celebration of Valentine’s Day in Russia

As you might well be aware, St Valentine’s day did not come from Russia. Unlike the Traditions and Customs Of Russian Easter, there are no particular Russian tradition that is related to Valentine’s day. However, it seems that Russian people are fond of the idea of celebrating love in a merry and fun way. The majority of them are also a bunch of romantics, so this holiday holds a special place in their hearts.

Because there aren’t a specific tradition associated with Valentine’s Day, Russians celebrate it in nearly the same way people all across the globe do. They enjoy spending the day with their loved ones, usually their significant others, in romantic and memorable ways. This varies from preparing a homemade candle lit dinner and cuddling up to watch a classic romance movie to a intimate walk across the town and reserving a table for a fancy dinner.

Another popular way to express their love in Russia on Valentine’s day is to exchange love letters. Using this classic method, both partners are expected to hand write a romantic and thoughtful letter for each other. Just like the old days, but most still enjoy the nostalgic feeling associated to letter-writing.

What do Russians Like to Give as Valentine’s Day Gifts?

In Russia, just like in other countries, Valentine’s day is all about expressing your love and affection to your significant other. The most common mode of expression is through gift giving. This is also true in Russia, and means that Russian people are quite creative when it comes to gifts.

It’s widely recognized that the value of a gift does not lie in the price tag, but rather on the intention and feeling of love upon which it is given. Therefore, any sort of objects that might convey romantic feelings may be well received as a Valentine’s day gift.

One of the most romantic gifts during Valentine’s day is, of course, flowers. In Russia, giving flowers to your loved one is deemed as an extremely romantic gesture, especially for women! Yes, like other women in this world, Russian ladies love their flowers too. Orchards, tulips and roses are three of the most sought-after flowers in the days leading up to Valentine’s day. A bunch or bouquet of fresh and beautiful flowers will most certainly bring a smile to any woman’s face.

Moreover, Russian people nowadays do not only give flowers. Modern Valentine’s day gifts can vary from the classic box of chocolate, teddy bears and balloons to handmade cards, poems or surprise serenades! Other than that, sometimes gift baskets containing perfumes, rings and candies are given. These days, photo albums, DVDs and computer accessories are getting more and more common too.

Valentine’s Day Wishes in Russian

Here’s the exciting part: how can you wish somebody a happy valentine’s day in Russian? These are some of the most popular and common phrases you’ll hear spoken throughout the day:

  1. Happy Valentine’s Day: с днем ​​cвятого Валентина (se dnyom svyatowo valentina)
  2. Will you be my Valentine? Ты будешь моим Валентином? (Ty budyesh moim valentinom)
  3. Will you be my Valentine? (for talking to girls): Ты будешь моей Валентиной? (Ty budyesh moei valentinoi)
  4. I love you: я люблю тебя (ya lyublyu tebya)
  5. Missing you: Скучаю по тебе (skuchayu po tebe)
  6. Thinking of you: Думаю о тебе (dumayu o tebe)

The phrases and sayings above are just the easiest ones you can say. But if you are interested in the Russian language, you need to learn the essential Common Greetings in Russian so you can start conversations with other people. Once you have mastered the basic of this complex language, you can start having more fun by speaking these Pick-up Lines to Approach Girl in Russian.

Essentially, Valentine’s day is the day when many people commemorate their feelings of love and romance by giving gifts and spending it with their significant other. Ultimately, February 14th is just another day of the year that reminds us to cherish the people we love. Why wait until Valentine’s day to tell your girlfriend or boyfriend you love them? Remember that we still have the rest of the year to do that!

To sum up, the celebration of Valentine’s day in Russia is pretty much like everywhere else in the world. But Russian people do take this festive celebration quite seriously, and regard this day as a chance to express their love and romantic feelings.

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