Collect Your Money and Go to Reindeer Herder Festival in Yamal

March is the best month for the explorers to visit Yamal and to observe the Reindeer Herder’s celebration. The Reindeer Herder’s Festival is a one-day occasion, celebrated yearly in the Salekhard and Aksarka, the two significant towns inside the Yamalo-Nenets district in the Russian Arctic. In 2020, the celebration will happen on March 28th in […]

Maslenitsa Fastcake Festival; What Are the Groovy Points for the Newcomer?

National holidays do feel good for most people. Everyone will rejoice in the celebration or festival held at that time. Especially if the national holiday is based on traditions in the country. That will make the activities carried out to celebrate it become more diverse. In Russia, you can also find and at the same […]

December Special: Special Events in Russia Before 2019 Ends

Russia has an incredible offering of the travel industry, and subsequent to perusing this article, you will get the total image of the Russian events you should enjoy before welcoming the new year, what they bring to the table for travelers, and so on. Participation in events is an incredible open door for hunting new […]

All Things That Russian People Do on Epiphany Day 

On January 18th, there comes the Epiphany Eve with required divinations. In the past, the whole families participated in festive season’s divinations. This custom has been preserved since agnosticism.   The merry season reaches a conclusion with Epiphany festivities in the memory of the submersion of Jesus Christ by John the Forerunner in the waters of […]

Amazing Performance That Can Be Enjoyed at Ice Theatre in Novopushkinsky 

Covered in snow is a stormy wonderland standing by to be explored. Novopushkinsky ticks all the privilege boxes for a blissful winter escape. There is a portion of preferred approaches to praise the winter season in Russia; quite a lot actually. A few exercises are long-standing customs, others are lesser-known, and all are ensured to help make […]

Cultural Events in Kazan; Do Not Miss It! 

The thousand-year-old Kazan has a bustling cultural life. Yearly cultural occasions, for example, the Rudolph Nureyev International Ballet Festival, the Feodor Chaliapin International Opera Festival, and the White Lilac International Festival named after Sergey Rachmaninov invite a large number of guests every year.  The occupants of Kazan are extremely glad for their theatres and the […]

A to Z Wedding Traditions that Should be Followed When You Got a Russian Soulmate 

Love is an incredible experience and one of its most noticeable landmarks is the big day. On the off chance that you are going to get married with Russian, you may consider doing it in Russia itself. From kidnapping and impediment courses to actually being an eminence during the wedding, there are such a significant […]

Can Ivan Kupala Be Followed by All Ages? 

Commended every year the evening of July 6th and 7th in Russia, the Feast of Ivan Kupala marks the northern half of the globe summer solstice with different ceremonies and uncommon foods being a part of the event.  While today’s Ivan Kupala festivities are said to be devoted to John the Baptist — Ivan being the Christian holy person’s Slavic […]

Ivan Kupala; A Russian Jolly Holiday That You Need to Know About 

While the mid-year solstice is all the more usually set apart with gatherings, firecrackers, and picnics in the present Russia, there is a lot of history behind the ceremonies that went before current festivals.   Antiquated clans that occupied this piece of the world celebrated with fire, water, melody, dance, and customs. It is called the […]

The List of Awesome Festivals in Russia This November. Let’s Go! 

One of the most fascinating motivations to make a trip to Russia is to see one of its astounding festivals that happen everywhere throughout the nation during Summer. It is an extraordinary method to meet new individuals and to have a fabulous time.  On the off chance that you are into music, arts or innovation, it is […]