Having Fall Trip To Russia? Here Are Essential Pack You Should Bring

fall trip itemsAutumn falls from September to October each year with temperatures starting around 11 ° C in Russia. The temperature continues to decline due to winter. Autumn can also be an option to visit Russia. The leaves begin to turn yellow and fall in the fall season. This scene must be very beautiful and a pity to miss. Spring and autumn are the right time to visit Russia because the weather is not too extreme.

In addition there are many events and interesting events held throughout the big city. There are many amazing places in Russia. A view of a leaf foliage is perfect to fill your gallery in the fall. In addition, there are typical foods that are popular during autumn in Russia. You certainly won’t miss it. Well Here Are Essential Pack You Should Bring :

1. Long John

Long John or thermal clothes are one of the equipment that you must have if you want to do a fall trips. This shirt is usually worn after underwear and has wool, polyester or cotton that can keep your body temperature warm during your winter vacation.

2. Umbrella

Even though spring and fall are the most comfortable seasons when visited, you should still carry an umbrella. In autumn, it turns out that it often rains suddenly. If you don’t carry an umbrella, then you will uncomfortable because you can’t move places.

3. Earmuff

Earmuffs or earplugs are one of the equipment that you must have during a winter vacation. As you know, the ear is one of the parts that is quite sensitive to the cold. By using the earmuff, of course you will be free from environmental disturbances that are too low and keep your ears free from piercing temperatures.

4. Sweaters

In some areas with very bad weather, in fall season you will face temperatures below zero degrees Celsius. In this situation you must wear a sweater so that your body stays warm. You can imagine that without the additional warmers outside the body like this sweater you can shiver anytime. Even if you are from the equator, for example Indonesia, you can use layers of sweaters in the cold area. Choosing wool or fleece is a wise choice too.

5. Scarf

Now if we talk about warming the body, the scarf is the neck to mouth warmer part. Yes, of course in cold weather, as much as possible you close almost all of your body so that you don’t have a cold during a fall trip. Choosing silk or polyester material is recommended for those of you who want to choose a scarf. Don’t forget to match the other clothes that you already have to stay cool during the holidays.

6. Jacket

When the longjohn layer and sweater are still not enough to make your body warm enough you should use a jacket or coat. Basically the choice of goose-down jackets is a very appropriate option. Besides being able to keep you warm, you can also look stylish with this jacket. Because many other types of jackets cannot help warm your body.

7. Socks

To choose socks, of course it is highly recommended to choose thick material. But buying socks with wool, fleece, or other types of synthetic materials is also recommended. This will help trap your body heat to not get out quickly from the body. This will keep your feet comfortable during the trip.

8. Shoes

Usually people will tend to buy boots on their winter trips or vacations. Yes how not, boots are strong enough to help you walk in all fields. Boots also help you not to be exposed to the cold air that you will face during the trip.

9. Gloves

Protecting your hands from cold weather is also one of your obligations in fall trips. Buying gloves is the right choice to help you move in winter. Don’t forget to buy thick materials like wool of the right size in your hand.

10. Moisturizers

Cold weather can make your skin dry. Worse are you also going to itch and irritation. Carrying a moisturizer for the skin will also help you to be free from the obstacles. The moisturizer you need to bring is not limited to facial moisturizers, but like body and lip moisturizers like lipbalm. Make sure you always carry enough moisturizer when you want to carry out a winter vacation.

11. Long Coat

For those of you who want to vacation in a country that has winter, long coat can also be a protection option for your body from cold weather. Using a stylish long coat will also make you look cool. Choosing materials and colors that match your outfit will make your winter vacation memorable in every picture you take.

12. Medicines

Well for this one must be adjusted for the disease you have. But also provide vitamins because we will face a different situation far from Indonesia when the weather becomes very bad. For those of you who have cold allergies also be aware of the very bad weather that might occur.

Thats all some Essential Pack You Should Bring. During this fall don’t miss the chance to travel around the city. Try everything you want to try. Don’t forget to come early to the tourist location you want to avoid traffic jams. Some photo locations usually have many people if you are late. If you are a Muslim, there are some halal foods in Russia that you must know. In addition, halal food is available at halal restaurants in Moscow. Warm yourself with Russian halal drinks.

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