Novodevichy Convent; The Best Place That Should Be Visited On November

Everyone has their own reasons when going to visit a place. Some just want to go for a walk or some do have an important goal. For those who want to go for a walk, they will look for the best places according to their version. Each country has a reference point which must be […]

The Rarest Winter View Only in Russia

Winter does provide an amazing view. You will be able to see a beautiful view where the whole city is covered with snow. Even though it looks beautiful, snow that is too thick can also endanger the people around it. Some countries in the world that experience winter have their own unique views. This scene […]

The Origin of Sauerkraut; The Most Favorite Winter Food

Discussing about food, there are indeed many things we can find. There are many types of food that can be processed to become different kinds of food. We can find many creations that are associated with a variety of foods. As you know, just one food can produce many types of food. Whether it’s cooked […]

Heat Your Body by Visiting the Best Banya Russia in Moscow

Do you like going to the sauna? Sauna is often a choice for someone to relax. Saunas become places that are also often visited during the season or the air in an area gets cold. It became one of the ways to stay warm. There are several countries in the world that have saunas with […]

How to Make DIY Russian Raw Vegan

Food has become a very interesting thing to talk about. Because as we know, there are so many types of food that we can find in this world. Starting from appetizers to desserts. There are also many ways we can do to make existing food ingredients into something delicious to enjoy. Whether it’s processed raw […]

Ak Mosque; The Right Place to Visit by Muslim in Astrakhan

In the middle of leisure or vacation time, usually you will plan something to enjoy it, right? Whether you want to relax at home or want to travel somewhere. Even when deciding to go somewhere you can choose to go for a pure vacation or religious tourism. If you choose to religious tourism, there are […]

What Makes Tvorog Is Being Such Kind of Special Things for Russian?

Talking about dairy products is endless. That’s because there are so many types of dairy products that we can find all over the world. Even each of these dairy products has a unique and delicious taste at the same time. Maybe one of the types of dairy products that are your favorite dairy products. Some […]

Don’t Do These Forbidden Things If You Don’t Want to Get Bad in Russia

When you want to visit somewhere, either in the city to abroad, we should find out in advance about what is forbidden there. These things become a kind of basis that we must do in order to minimize the problems that could arise when we are in the country. It will also make us comfortable […]

Why Does Russia Identic with Communist Eventhough The Majority Religion Is Orthodox?

What is in your mind when you hear about communism? Most of the facts behind the word communist are bad and sad things for many people affected by the crimes committed by the communists. All stories about past communist events are dominated by sad and tearful stories. Who is not afraid of the stories of […]

Why Is Volga River Be the One of Religious Symbols?

Talking about religious symbols, there are several things that can be included in religious symbols. It could be an object or even a place. Every country has a religious symbol which of course there are characteristics there. As we know, there are several religions that people believe. Even one religion can dominate in certain countries. […]