Why Does Russia Identic with Communist Eventhough The Majority Religion Is Orthodox?

What is in your mind when you hear about communism? Most of the facts behind the word communist are bad and sad things for many people affected by the crimes committed by the communists. All stories about past communist events are dominated by sad and tearful stories. Who is not afraid of the stories of communism in the past, while that sounds terrible, right?

In this world there are several countries that have had to deal with communists in the past. One such country is Russia. Even in Russia there was a communist party that claimed freedom of expression from the residents there. It was really a horrible situation, is not it?

When the communists were still in power in Russia, there were many things that were forbidden and even ordinary citizens had to bow to them. One of the things that are blocked by the communist party is freedom of religion. Although we know, the Orthodox religion has existed at that time in Russia.

But after it’s all gone, do you know why communism is still attached to and often identified with Russia? I think there are still many of you who don’t know that yet. For that reason, let’s look at why does Russia identic with communist eventhough the majority religion is Orthodox?

If a country is identified by something, surely there is one or several major events behind it. Including when a country is identical with communism even though there is no communism there. This is what happened in Russia. There are countless stories related to communism and the events of communism that took place in Russia.

As we know, if we’re talking about religions in Russia, there are some religions that are believed by the people who were there. Of those religions, Orthodox religion dominates. There, it can be said to belong to the Christian religion. Bearing in mind the events of communism that existed in Russia in the past, the religion in Russia also received the impact.

After much time had passed, Russia was still known and synonymous with communism. Though the thing that becomes the majority there is Orthodox religion. Do you know why it happened? I think there are still many of you who don’t know that yet. Therefore, to answer your curiosity, this article will discuss about why does Russia identic with communist eventhough the majority religion is Orthodox?

  • Because in The Past, The Communists Banned Religious Institutions from Expressing Themselves in The Media

When the Communist Regime still existed in Russia, there were a number of religions that already existed and were believed by the people who lived there. However, the communists tolerated only in certain limits. They are indeed given the freedom to worship privately, but are not allowed to voice their views in the media. Whatever its form.

Religious buildings (mosques, churches, synagogues and others) are indeed used for worship by individuals in person. It’s just that religious institutions in Russia including Orthodox (maybe) are not given permission to express themselves in all sorts of mass media. There are even many religious buildings that are destroyed or converted, so that it disturbs the worship of each religion.

  • Because There Was an Atheist Doctrine by The Communists

In the past, the Soviet Union became the first country that has an official ideology of the elimination of religion in its own country. In addition, there is also the prevention of religious belief in the future. Therefore, there are so many doctrines about atheism. The aim is to build atheism in the country (Gosaiteizm).

This doctrine of atheism was spread in schools. These communists targeted religions based on most religions. Even in 1925, the government in Russia (then known as the Soviet Union) established the League of Militant Atheists which had the aim of intensifying the persecution. Therefore, Russia is now more synonymous with communism when compared to the majority religion there is Orthodox religion.

  • The Government That Had Sided with The Communists

The bad news that happened in Russia in the past was that the government there supported and was on the side of the communist regime. Even the government there wants to make the country the first country to eradicate religion and prevent the inculcation of religious beliefs. There are also government-sponsored conversion program into atheism and this is done by the Communists.

The official government structure that existed in Russia at that time was unable to accept members of certain government professions who were religious. The profession is for example state bureaucrats, soldiers, teachers and others. The point of all this is that all activities related to atheism have the support of the government.

  • Religious-Free After the Collapse of The Communists

Russian citizens and native citizens can be free after the dissolution of the Soviet Union and the collapse of the Communist regime there. Atheism which used to be a long-term doctrine in fact failed to win many souls. The religions in Russia which initially had restrictions on many sides and from many parties, slowly strengthened even though they started from the underground.

Many religious institutions have revived faith in religion to help fight the Second World War. Slowly but surely, the religion that was about to be destroyed became stronger and stronger. Especially when the fall and the dissolution of the Soviet Union and Communism.

And maybe there are still some of why does Russia identic with communist eventhough the majority religion is Orthodox that haven’t been listed above. I hope this article can really help you to find out all you need to know about why does Russia identic with communist eventhough the majority religion is Orthodox. So, what’s on your mind after knowing about the story or fact outlined above?

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