How is Russian Belief towards Religion? 

Religion has consistently been an essential part of Russian life, even during times of mistreatment.   There are almost 5,000 enrolled religious associations in Russia. The greater part pursues the Russian Orthodox Church, as indicated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation. Islam is the second biggest religion; around 10 percent to 15 […]

Why Does Russia Identic with Communist Eventhough The Majority Religion Is Orthodox?

What is in your mind when you hear about communism? Most of the facts behind the word communist are bad and sad things for many people affected by the crimes committed by the communists. All stories about past communist events are dominated by sad and tearful stories. Who is not afraid of the stories of […]

All About Slavic Religion; An Orthodox Beliefs in Russia

What are the Slavic religions? Before moving further let’s talk about Slavic first. Slavic is an adjective to describe anything related to the Slavs. Whether it is Slavic countries, Slavic people, and Slavic language. Slavs itself is a group of people residing in the middle to the east European. They have distinct language, culture, and […]