Heat Your Body by Visiting the Best Banya Russia in Moscow

Do you like going to the sauna? Sauna is often a choice for someone to relax. Saunas become places that are also often visited during the season or the air in an area gets cold. It became one of the ways to stay warm.

There are several countries in the world that have saunas with their own uniqueness. Each country also has its own designation for saunas in their country. Including in Russia.

In Russia, the sauna is better known as Banya. Do you know about it? Have you ever visited one of the Banya in Russia? You should know that there are so many Banya there, for example in Moscow.

Maybe you do not know much about it. You may also be curious and wondering about the best Banya in Moscow, Russia. Therefore, let’s look at heat your body by visiting the best Banya Russia in Moscow.

Saunas in Russia are known as Banya. Banya was originally a steam bath using stove power in Slavia. In Russian, the word “banya” can be interpreted as a public bath.

Banya is considered to have become an important part of the culture that exists in Russia with roots in Slavik. Throughout history in Russia, Banya is used by all people in Russia from various backgrounds and social classes. It doesn’t matter if you are a villager or you are a nobleman.

Banya is very common in villages and cities in Russia. The public baths or saunas in Russia has a small room made for dry or wet heat sessions. Each Banya sometimes has a different interior.

There are many types of Banya that you can find in Russia. Especially if you are in a big Russian city like Moscow. There is a lot of Banya best that you can visit. Therefore, this article will discuss about heat your body by visiting the best Banya Russia in Moscow.

  • Sandunovsky Banya

Sandunovsky Banya is the famous Banya in Russia. It was located in the center of Moscow and was first opened in 1808. Sandunovsky Banya is also known as Sanduny. Sandunovsky Banya was built and named after the name of Georgian businessman Sila Sandunov (Zandukeli) (1756-1820). He was once an actor in the court of Catherine II during the 1790s.

Sandunovsky Banya is a place you must visit if you are curious about the atmosphere of the famous sauna in Russia. The sauna is famous for its amazing architecture and interior design. If you want to feel a different sensation, you can come to Sanduny on Tuesday after 4 pm. It could be your unforgettable sauna experience.

  • Vorontsovskie Banya

Vorontsovskie Banya is a sauna in Moscow, Russia that was built in 1938. More precisely located in the neighborhood of Tanganka. It was a public bath or sauna that felt spacious and bright. You will also be presented with a beautiful view at the Novospassky Monastery.

Vorontsovskie Banya is famous for having high-quality steam rooms and different public spaces for women and men. Public classrooms in this sauna are also distinguished class, the higher the better and better quality of steam that is there. If you want to get the price where it is half the regular price in Vorontsovskie Banya, then you have to go there on a Friday morning.

  • Varshavsky Banya

Varshavsky Banya is one type of Banya which is also popular and famous in Moscow, Russia. This sauna or public bath was built in 1938. There, you will be able to enjoy a sauna atmosphere that has a modern design and friendly service. Varshavsky Banya is also known as Warsaw.

Varshavsky Banya has a lot of history and tradition behind it even though it is located outside the city center. This sauna has an intricately decorated VIP room, Baths of the World. Make sure you always ask for a private bather. Just like the previous type of sauna, Varshavsky Banya also has several classes including male and female public classes, beauty salons, spa treatments etc.

  • Krasnopresnenskaya Banya

Krasnopresnensky Banya is another example of a sauna or a public bath in Moscow, Russia. It could be said if this sauna is a rival of Sanduny which is less historic. This sauna has a balance between chic-Soviet interiors with the latest bathing industry trends. The combination of the traditional and the modern side.

Krasnopresnensky Banya is famous for some of the best steam rooms in the city. There is also cryotherapy, spa treatments, Ayurveda massages etc. Many people use the excuse to come to Krasnopresnensky Banya because of a global restaurant with delicious Japanese and European dishes. This could be due to the dish that is served has a different taste from similar restaurants in Banya Russia.

  • Seleznevskie Banya

Seleznevskie Banya is also one of the best saunas in Moscow, Russia. This sauna or public bath was opened since the mid-19th century. It can be said that Seleznevskie Banya is one of the oldest and most authentic baths or saunas in Moscow.

Seleznevskie Banya does not have interior design or anything like that of Sanduny and Vorontsovskie. But there have a lot of historical things. There you can get and enjoy a sauna at a proportionally lower price despite the best steam rooms in Russia. Seleznevskie Banya does have its own charm.

And maybe there are still some of heat your body by visiting the best Banya Russia in Moscow that haven’t been listed above. Of all the Banya mentioned, you can adjust to your perceptions and desires because it is also for your own convenience. I hope this article can really help you to find out all you need to know about heat your body by visiting the best Banya Russia in Moscow. So, which is the best Banya in Moscow that you want to visit while in Russia?

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