Picturesque Journey Only on Volga, Plyos

Russia does have a lot of beautiful natural scenery in each of its cities. Each city will spoil you with natural scenes that you might never have imagined before. Maybe you will also be surprised and do not think that Russia has such a beautiful place. If during this time you get to know Russia […]

What Can You Get in Visiting the Golden Ring?

Do you have plans to visit Russia during the year-end holidays like this? If you were planning to take a vacation in Russia, of course you will find out and make a list of places you want to visit. At least the places to be visited is in accordance with the budget and the duration […]

Quiet Winter in Kazan; What Things to Do?

Winter is presenting the beauty which might not everyone can see it directly. As we know, not all countries in the world have winter. For this reason, often a lot of people who deliberately go abroad during the winter so that they can enjoy the beauty of winter and the snow. Although in the same […]

The Greatest Opera and Ballet Performances During November; Must-Visited Moscow Now!

There are many ways that people do to enjoy their vacation time. Especially for those who really like art. During the holidays, they will certainly enjoy watching shows that are still related to art. In every country in the world, there are many types of art performances that you can enjoy during your vacation time. […]

Rearrange Your House Design by “Cheating” on House-Museum of Isaac Levitan, Plyos

In designing a house, of course we will look for information about the best home design so that our house looks attractive. Especially if you want to rearrange your home design. You should look for some designs that will probably match the home design you want. There are lots of inspiration concepts or designs to […]

What Things That You Can Find in Muzey Peyzazha Plyos?

It would be fun if we could visit historical places in a country. By doing so, we can find out and learn about the history of the country. By retracing the historical heritage sites, you can also see the unique and distinctive beauty there. All countries in the world certainly have historic sites frequented by […]

7 Things That Should Prepare When You Visit Russia On November

It’s vacation time! The end of the year is the right time to plan a vacation. Long year-end holidays have become the most eagerly awaited matter of many people. Because it is a time where all family and close friends can gather because they are free from all their previous busy activities. Many people have […]

What Things That You Can Find in Yakutia On This Winter Season?

Vacationing and enjoying the winter scenery is very pleasant, right? Although there are some people who feel disturbed by the cold temperatures, but there are still many things we can do during winter. Because as we all know, there are many activities that can only be done during the winter and the amount of snowfall. […]

Wildlife Winter Experience in Yamal Russia; How Dare You Are!

Holidays that are full of challenges are often the choice of some people. Either directly related to nature or other things that stimulate adrenaline. This type of vacation will give satisfaction to those who like it. There are many places in the world that you can visit if you really like a challenging holiday. You […]

Kola Peninsula; All Things About the Winter Here!

As we know, there are many countries that experience winter to snow from mild to heavy. There are even some countries that have extreme temperatures in the winter. But even so, winter also provides a beautiful and amazing view. Beautiful scenery is what people often look for when visiting a place. Despite being in the […]