Odd Things That Can Be Found Only in Russian Tourists’ Bag

When we want to travel far, of course there are some things we will always carry. Whether it’s our favorite items or items that we feel we should “carry” with us when traveling far away, especially overseas. Every tourist must have their own habits.

Sometimes, the things we think are reasonable to carry may be considered odd by others who see them. Maybe we feel the need to carry it even though often we don’t even need it at all. Including with Russian tourists.

Maybe we will see Russian tourists like we see other tourists in general. But did you know that Russian tourists also sometimes carry odd items when they want to travel? Maybe there are still many of you who don’t know about this. For that, let’s look at odd things that can be found only in Russian tourists’ bags.

Often, we think about things or things that we have to carry and need when we travel well before we leave. Because sometimes, we feel that the item we carry are not easy to find at our destination or maybe for other reasons. And maybe, we feel that what we bring is not excessive even though in fact it can be the opposite.

Is that reasonable? I think that’s natural. Everyone would think so. Everyone has the goods or things they need for themselves, right?

Things were considered reasonable but it was odd in the eyes of others is also often found in bags or suitcases of tourists. One of them is Russian tourists. Do you already know or have heard something about the goods or odd things found in the bag of Russian tourists? I think there are still many of you who don’t know about this. Therefore, to answer your curiosity, in this article we will discuss about odd things that can be found only in Russian tourists’ bags.

  • Canned Food, Sausages, Buckwheat

What’s wrong with traveling with canned food and sausages? I think it’s reasonable, but probably not for some people. Especially if you bring buckwheat. These foods are still often found in bags of Russian tourists who want to travel abroad.

Perhaps the most reasonable and reasonable reason is that they do not like food provided on airplanes or other transportation. While other reasons are to save expenses while traveling abroad. At least this is not the oddest thing or item to carry, right?

  • Portable Water Heater

Russia can not be separated from the tradition of drinking tea. Wherever the Russians traveling, at least they should drink or carry anything that could be used to make tea. One of them is a portable water heater.

This portable water heater is still often found in some Russian tourist bags who want to travel abroad. I wonder what their backgrounds bring the odd object. It could have become a tradition, right? Maybe it’s something they “must” carry.

  • Russian Vodka and Souvenirs

If other tourists will think of not bringing anything when they want to travel abroad then buy souvenirs typical of their destination country to take home. But it seems that does not apply to Russian tourists. I think they actually do the opposite.

Things or items such as Russian vodka, chocolate and other typical Russian souvenirs are still often found in Russian tourist bags. The reason behind it all is that they want to deliver what came from their country to be given or be introduced to their friends or people in the country they were going. Unique, right?

  • Russian Cigarettes

Bring Russian cigarettes? This kind of incident is still often found in bags of Russian tourists. Do you know if cigarettes in Russia, including an expensive item? Isn’t that surprising?

Cigarettes in Russia become more expensive year after year. It is part of the anti-smoking campaigns were carried out in the country. For this reason, a pack of cigarettes is still often found in Russian tourist bags (which are smokers, both active and passive) who will travel abroad.

  • Slippers and High Heels

Many people think that people in Russia are fashionable and always look elegant. Maybe that’s exactly what happened. Indeed, many think that they should always look neat, clean and fashionable.

For this reason, there are many slippers or high heels found in Russian tourist bags. Especially if they are women. It is this habit that must always look fashionable and appropriate that makes the slippers and high heels often found in their bags. It seems natural, but it could be considered odd by others, right?

  • Activated Charcoal

Bring active calcoal? You are serious? Yeah, I’m serious. Active calcoal is also found several times in Russian tourist bags.

Active calcoal is a Russian drug that Russians always bring to prepare for stomachaches because they are not accustomed to eating food from other countries. It is a drug that is very popular in Russia. I think you might also think this is too odd to carry.

  • Travel Irons

Carrying equipment to tidy up something is also often found in Russian tourist bags. One of them is travel iron. Indeed, there are some people who bring the object to spruce up the clothes they carry to always look neat and clean. They will ensure that the clothes they carry and they will wear will not be tangled if they plan to travel around the country of their destination.

And maybe there are still some of odd things that can be found only in Russian tourists’ bags that haven’t been listed above. I hope this article can really help you to find out all you need to know about odd things that can be found only in Russian tourists’ bags. So, are you also included people who also carry goods or odd things like that when traveling?

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