What Makes Lake Seliger Is Being Enchantment to Visit in Winter?

What comes to your mind when hearing about “the winter season”? Maybe things that are commonly mentioned could be about snow, cold and freezing. Not many people mention the beautiful scenery that only exists in winter.

Just like other countries experiencing winter, Russia also has a lot of places in each country that have very beautiful scenery. Especially if you visit small cities or remote cities in Russia. You will be given the scenery that feels different to what you find in the big cities of the country.

One of the beautiful places you must visit during the winter season is Lake Seliger. I don’t think many people know about this lake. Because often, the name Lake Baikal is often discussed when it comes to discussions about Russia. For that, let’s take a look and discuss about … what makes Lake Seliger is being enchantment to visit in winter?

Russia is already known to have many interesting sights are scattered in each city. Whether it’s a historic city view or a very beautiful natural scenery. If you want to enjoy many interesting sights of Russia, take a long time and really take advantage of that time.

For those of you who like natural scenery, Russia has tons of natural scenes that will spoil and delight you. You only need to determine the appropriate time to what you want when going on vacation to Russia. That’s because the view that you will get in each season will be different. Especially if you visit when winter arrives in the country.

Russian natural scenery in the winter can really give you a surprise. Although winter in Russia is famous for being extreme and very cold, it does not dampen the desire of many people to visit Russia’s natural landscape. Especially when visiting Lake Seliger.

Have you heard or known about Lake Seliger before? For those of you who have already gone to the lake, have you tried to come and see the scenery there in winter? Maybe there are still many of you who don’t know or haven’t visited this lake and are curious about it. Therefore, to answer your curiosity, this article will discuss about … what makes Lake Seliger is being enchantment to visit in winter?

  • About Lake Seliger

Lake Seliger is a lake in Russia located in the Ostashkovsky District, Tver Oblast. Around the lake there is the Valdai Hill and also the Volga Valley. The lake has an absolute height of 205 meters and has an area of 212 square kilometers with an average depth of 5.8 meters.

Lake Seliger also has many small islands and is surrounded by forests. This lake is also included in one of the largest natural lakes in Central Russia. Lake Seliger is also a protected nature reserve. It is also often known as “European Baikal” because it has a unique diversity of flora and fauna and has similarities to Lake Baikal.

  • Lake Seliger Became A Place to Celebrate Epiphany

When winter comes, all the lakes in Russia will freeze. Including at Lake Seliger. Because of the frozen lake, Lake Seliger is used as a place to celebrate Epiphany. Epiphany is the ultimate holiday in the Orthodox Christianity to mark the baptism of Jesus.

Epiphany is usually done in a lake or river nearby and is celebrated annually on January 6. The freezing surface of Lake Seliger will be cut into a cross and after the ceremony people will soak in the water. That is often the charm of Lake Seliger when winter comes.

  • The Natural Scenery Around the Lake Seliger Is Still Beautiful

Another attraction or charm possessed by Lake Seliger is the natural scenery around it which is still very beautiful. You will be able to calm yourself with natural beauty that is still untouched around the lake. It is also a suitable place for those of you who want to calm down after getting tired with your daily activities.

Lake Seliger is still surrounded by natural forest, and there are also hills and valleys. It is a suitable place for those of you who like natural attractions that are still beautiful. Wouldn’t it look very beautiful if you visited it during the winter season?

  • Gives You A Panorama Like in The Land of Fairy Tales

What do you imagine if a place that is still very beautiful covered by thin snow? Yes, you are right. It looks like the scenery as you think about the land of fairy tales. Thin fog covering the lake, forest, hill and others will make you feel like you are dreaming or if you are not in the real world.

Panorama that is served for you when visiting Lake Seliger is truly the main attraction and charm of the lake. There are some people who deliberately come to this lake during the winter season just to enjoy the view that maybe they have never imagined before.

  • Unusual Scenery in The Winter at The Lake Seliger

The frozen surface of Lake Seliger is also used as a highway that can be accessed by certain types of vehicles. Of course, the vehicle must be in accordance with the terrain to be traversed. Some signs that are usually on the highway you will find also on the surface of the frozen Lake Seliger. Isn’t this an interesting sight when we will visit this lake in winter?

And maybe there are still some of what makes Lake Seliger is being enchantment to visit in winter that haven’t been listed above. I hope this article can really help you to find out all you need to know about what makes Lake Seliger is being enchantment to visit in winter. So, are you interested to witness the beauty of Russia’s Lake Seliger during the winter season?

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