Pick These Things Up on Your Pocket to Celebrate the Russian New Year!

Welcoming the new year is a time when everyone is happy because they can gather with their family or closest friends. They will prepare as much as possible about all events or similar things that they will hold. It doesn’t matter what the example is.

Each country has its own preparations to celebrate the New Year’s Eve. That’s what makes the day livelier. Because as you know, that night was a night where almost everyone was partying and not sleeping. Neither does New Year’s Eve in Russia.

The New Year’s Eve is also celebrated with great fanfare in Russia. People in Russia will put the things they need in their “pockets” to carry later. But do you know what that is? I think there are still many of you who don’t know about this. For that, let’s take a look at pick these things on your pocket to celebrate the Russian New Year!

It seems almost everyone knows that in almost every country there are of course activities such as parties or festivals to celebrate the New Year. Everything is well prepared so that this party or festival can run smoothly. Whether it’s on a small scale (among family or friends) or on a large scale (celebration in one city).

Those who celebrate or hold events related to the New Year will maximize their preparation so as not to disappoint those they invite. Each country usually has their respective traditions in celebrating it. That’s what makes this New Year’s Eve feel very special to everyone.

Neither do in Russia. You who visit Russia during the new year will be treated to many activities or traditions that are always there when the new year. Do you know the little things that you can prepare to celebrate the Russian New Year? I think there are still many of you who don’t know and are curious about what it is. Therefore, to answer your curiosity, this article will discuss about pick these things on your pocket to celebrate the Russian New Year!

  • Yummy Food Typical of The New Year in Russia

Russian New Year is always synonymous with certain foods that are only served to celebrate New Year’s Eve with family or others. The delicious food prepared is a form of hospitality of local Russian citizens for the people around them. Including new arrivals and tourists who are deliberately vacationing in Russia when the new year there.

That’s why delicious foods do have to go in your “pockets” to prepare for celebrating the new year. Russian typical foods of this will certainly participated in the event or festival held there. Because it could be included in the tradition in Russia when the New Year arrived.

  • The Extra Money for A Vacation

Everyone has their own way of celebrating New Year’s Eve. So, it is not wrong for many of them who prepare more money that they will use for a vacation. One of the holiday destinations during the New Year is Russia.

If you intend on a vacation to Russia or other countries (planning a vacation abroad), of course you have to prepare a sufficient budget to adjust the type of your vacation while in Russia or other countries. This type of vacation certainly provides their own pleasure. Each vacation will provide their own experiences which of course still makes you feel satisfied.

  • Gifts for Loved Ones Are Given on New Year’s Eve

One of the traditions that exist in Russia when they wanted to welcome the new year with a visit to the family home or a loved one is to bring a gift. It was a common thing. At least don’t let yourself only bring your bare hands when visiting the home of your family or friends in Russia,

The types of gifts vary and you also have to keep in mind what things may and may not be given as gifts. People in Russia are quite aware of this one thing. Prepare your gift because even if it’s small but it means a lot to those who receive it.

  • Prepare Tangerine as Part of The New Year Traditions in Russia

I think not many people know about the tradition of this New Year in Russia. Prepare tangerines on a table containing foods that you do prepare to welcome the New Year in Russia. It was already part of traditional arrangements in Russia when the new year was coming.

Tangerines in Russia have indeed been part of the tradition there since Soviet times when it was still difficult to find imported fruit there. So, you should not be surprised if you will see a queue of people who will buy tangerines just before the celebration of the new year in Russia.

  • The Best Clothes for Your New Year’s Eve

One of the important things you should prepare when celebrating the New Year in Russia is your best clothes. As you know, Russia is known to be very meticulous and fashionable in dressing when they want to leave the house or carry out an activity outside the home. Especially for those of you who want to spend your New Year in big cities in Russia. That has become a common thing to do while in the country (dressing up and getting ready with the best clothes you have).

And maybe there are still some of pick these things on your pocket to celebrate the Russian New Year that haven’t been listed above. I hope this article can really help you to find out all you need to know about pick these things on your pocket to celebrate the Russian New Year. So, what kind of preparations do you make to welcome your Russian New Year celebrations?

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