6 Favorite Lakes To Do Swimming Festival in Russia

Winter swimming is like a popular challenge in Russia. Instead of being popular in a certain period of time, ice-swimming is an annual trend in Russia. It usually celebrated to commemorate the Christian’s Epiphany days. Epiphany is a holiday marking Jesus Baptism at river Jordan.  Although it’s originally a Christian holiday, nowadays the participants of […]

Get to Know About Dipping Children in Frozen Water During Russian Epiphany

The ice-swimming festival in Russia, marking the Epiphany day, is celebrated by millions of Russians every year. Russians of all ages celebrate it. As a crowd of people queuing in an ice hole to take turn dipping, it’s not a strange sight to find children among this queue. Parents bring their children to participate in […]

12 Facts of Orthodox festival of Epiphany in Russia

The Epiphany Day is celebrated on January 19 in Russia. It is the day when Jesus was baptized by John the Baptist in the River Jordan. Russian Celebrating it by having an epiphany bath. It’s a bathing ritual in which believers cleanse past sins by dipping into the water at Epiphany Day. It’s a celebration […]

How Russian people celebrate Epiphany?

Russia is very interesting in many areas. First, you might already familiar with its cultural heritage. In cities such as Moscow and St. Petersburg, you can find cultural wonders such as The Red Square and Winter Palace. Many of the places are UNESCO World Heritage sites, from palaces, churches, and old towns. Second, Russia is […]

History of Epiphany Tradition in Russia

In Christianity, Epiphany is the moment of revelation of Jesus as the incarnation of God. It is one of the Christian holidays and is celebrated all around the world, in Russia included. However, it is not Russia if they don’t have their unique and distinguished tradition. Here you will learn about History of Epiphany tradition […]