Wildlife Winter Experience in Yamal Russia; How Dare You Are!

Holidays that are full of challenges are often the choice of some people. Either directly related to nature or other things that stimulate adrenaline. This type of vacation will give satisfaction to those who like it.

There are many places in the world that you can visit if you really like a challenging holiday. You can go visit a country or city that has extreme and challenging geographical conditions or you can go to a country or city that has unique wildlife there. If you like both, maybe Russia is the right country for you to visit.

In Russia there is a region that is known to be a challenging place to visit. The region is known as Yamal or the Yamal Peninsula. I think, not many of you have visited this Russian Yamal.

You could also just curious about what’s in the Yamal Russia so that it is referred to as a challenging place to visit. To answer your curiosity, let’s look at the wildlife winter experience in Yamal Russia; how dare you are!

Not just anyone will dare to visit somewhere or perhaps a vacation in a challenging place. Because many people prefer a relaxing and enjoyable vacation. But, if you want to try a challenging and unusual vacation, there are plenty of places you can visit.

In almost all countries in the world, there are certain locations that are suitable for those of you who like a challenging vacation. Before going to places like this, it helps you find out in advance about your destination. That is the sort of basis that must be done so that your vacation goes according to your plan. Especially if you visit the destination during the winter.

If you want to visit Russia in the winter for your challenging vacation, there are several places you can visit. One of them is Yamal. It is also known as the Yamal Peninsula. Perhaps not many people who have visited this place. To add information and to answer your curiosity, this article will discuss about the wildlife winter experience in Yamal Russia; how dare you are!

  • About Yamal Russia

Yamal or Yamal Peninsula is a peninsula located in the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug. It is located in the northwestern part of Siberia, Russia. This peninsula stretches for about 700km. The Yamal Peninsula is bordered by the Kara Sea, Baydaratskaya Bay in the west, and Ob Bay in the east, Malygina Strait in the north.

In the local language, the word “Yamal” means “End of the Land”. The Yamal Peninsula consists mostly of permafrost and is geologically very young compared to some similar areas which are around ten thousand years old. Residents who mostly live on the Yamal Peninsula are residents called Nenets.

  • How to Get to Yamal Russia

To be able to visit the Yamal Peninsula is not easy and fast. If you want to visit Yamal, you must go to Salekhard. There are two ways to get to Salekhard, including:

  1. Using the train. If you choose this method, you need 44 hours from Moscow. The train station you are going to will be across the Ob River to Salekhhard.
  2. Using airplane. If you choose this method, you must make sure where you go for the estimated time. You who go through Moscow will need 3 hours 45 minutes, while you who go through St. Petersburg will need 3 hours.

You can need an additional 5 hours if you want to visit residents on the Yamal Peninsula who live quite remote outside Salekhard.

  • The Right Time to Visit Yamal Russia

If you are planning to visit Yamal Russia, you have to find out in advance about when the right time to visit that place. To be able to reach the Yamal Peninsula, a vehicle that is capable of running on all terrain, especially in cold and freezing temperatures, is needed. That’s because the access road to reach Yamal can only be accessed if some of the swamp land is truly frozen.

Frozen rivers are also often used as a driving route to the Yamal Peninsula. For that, you have to find the right time where you can access the perfectly frozen roads. The best and best time to visit the Yamal Peninsula is January to March.

  • Security in Yamal Russia

The safety you must pay attention to while in Russia is different from the safety you must pay attention to elsewhere. That’s not about crime, traffic accidents or anything like that. You will not encounter such a thing while on this peninsula. But the safety of the extreme cold temperatures.

Outdoor temperature in the Yamal Peninsula can reach -50C. Such cold temperatures occur in January. You must have the right clothes to be able to do activities while in Yamal without endangering yourself. You don’t want to mess up your holiday after you’ve been that far, do you?

  • Wildlife in Yamal Russia

While on the Russian Yamal Peninsula, you can see some of the wildlife there. Both originating from there and wildlife migrating from other places. You can see deer herded by locals. There are also seals, some migratory birds, there are also polar bears and Dall sheep. Typically, the wildlife that resides or lives here is wildlife that is able to survive amid extreme cold temperatures.

And maybe there are still some of the wildlife winter experience in Yamal Russia; how dare you are, that haven’t been listed above. I hope this article can really help you to find out all you need to know about the wildlife winter experience in Yamal Russia. So, how dare you to come to Yamal Russia and enjoy an unusual vacation there? Maybe you can try it for your next vacation.

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