Kola Peninsula; All Things About the Winter Here!

As we know, there are many countries that experience winter to snow from mild to heavy. There are even some countries that have extreme temperatures in the winter. But even so, winter also provides a beautiful and amazing view. Beautiful scenery is what people often look for when visiting a place.

Despite being in the same country, winter scenes presented in cities in the country may be different. Because every city also has its own characteristics. Included with the cities in Russia. There are many cities that offer the best winter scenery. One of them is Kola Peninsula.

Have you heard about the Kola Peninsula before? Or have you ever visited it in winter there? I think there are still many of you who don’t know about this Kola Peninsula. For that, let’s look at the Kola Peninsula; all things about the winter here!

Playing snow and enjoying the beautiful winter scenery is certainly a dream of many people. Especially for those who live not in a country that experience winter. Because of that, many people who plan to come to visit the country during the winter. A pleasant experience, right?

There are many choices of countries that you can visit when you want to enjoy the winter atmosphere. However, if you want a different winter atmosphere, you can visit Russia. There you can visit many cities when winter arrives. Each city will give you an awesome view.

One of the cities in Russia that you can visit is the Kola Peninsula. It is the right place for those of you who are looking for a different winter landscape in Russia. There are some points that have views that you might not have expected.

Do you already know or heard of the Kola Peninsula? Or maybe you have visited it? Maybe there are still many of you who have never heard or known about this Kola Peninsula. And maybe you are also curious about that. Therefore, to answer your curiosity, this article will discuss about the Kola Peninsula; all things about the winter here!

  • About Kola Peninsula

Kola Peninsula is a peninsula located at the northwestern tip of Russia. It is also the largest part of the Murmansk Oblast region, which is almost completely within the Arctic Circle. The city of Murmansk there is the most populous city on the peninsula. According to data at the 2010 Census, it has a population of more than 300,000 people.

The Kola Peninsula, geologically, occupies the northeastern edge of the Baltic Shield. There are two mountains that cover the Kola Peninsula between the Khibiny Mountains and the Lovozero Massif. These two mountains are located on the west side of the Kola Peninsula. There are many cities that are still part of this peninsula that will give you the best views when winter arrives there.

  • A Fairytale-Style View On the Kola Peninsula in Winter

When you visit the Kola Peninsula in winter, you will be treated to a scene that looks like you imagine in a fairy tale. Where a thin fog blanketed the area around the peninsula. Fog-covered areas such as tundra, river, trees and others. Frost and fog make Kola Peninsula look very beautiful.

The entire scene covered in fog will give you another beauty as you often imagine when reading a fairy tale. At Kola Peninsula you can enjoy this atmosphere directly. You just need to find the right moment to match what you expect. An atmosphere like this will be a good memory, right?

  • The Legendary Polar Night On the Kola Peninsula

At Kola Peninsula, you can experience other experiences that you will continue to remember. You must be familiar with the aurora, is not it? If you already know about the aurora, you will be able to see it when you visit the Kola Peninsula.

Every winter arrives at the Kola Peninsula, for about 2 months, life there will be covered by polar nights. This polar night is very legendary on the Kola Peninsula. That is where the sky of the peninsula is only lit by Aurora Borealis. This polar night period occurs in June and July. You will find the Kola Peninsula that looks very much different.

  • Snow On the Kola Peninsula

Winter in the Kola Peninsula will also make the entire peninsula covered by snow. Whether it’s thin or thick. Starting from the mountains to the streets will be covered with snow and the rivers become frozen. That would be a natural sight when visiting an area in winter, right?

On the Kola Peninsula, the snow usually closes the region from November until May. With that long time, you can plan many things or many activities related to snow. It is highly recommended to come to Kola Peninsula around January to March to get a beautiful view and snow that doesn’t fall so hard.

  • Winter Activities On the Kola Peninsula

As in winter in other places, those of you who visit the Kola Peninsula during winter can also enjoy lots of activities in the snow. You can do skiing or play snowboard or skateboard. Something you have to make sure of is the cold and the falling snow when you want to do your activities. That you have to do so that your safety remains and will still be able to have fun with your snow activities.

And maybe there are still some of the Kola Peninsula; all things about the winter here that haven’t been listed above. I hope this article can really help you to find out all you need to know about the Kola Peninsula; all things about the winter here. So, will you include Kola Peninsula on your visit list when you visit Russia in winter?

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