How Russian Celebrate Winter Festival in Moscow

If you have never been to Russia, what do you think the weather is like in the country? You might instantly think that it’s cold there all year long. Well, that is not entirely true given the country has four seasons in a year. But, Russia does have an extreme kind of weather. It can […]

5 Winter Festivals You Can’t Miss When You’re In Russia

Winter is one of the 4 seasons in a subtropical or temperate climate. The season where the snow will fall and the weather feels cold occurs on December 21 to March 21 in the northern hemisphere, and on June 21 to September 23 in the Southern Hemisphere. Every season becomes its own special time to […]

6 Favorite Lakes To Do Swimming Festival in Russia

Winter swimming is like a popular challenge in Russia. Instead of being popular in a certain period of time, ice-swimming is an annual trend in Russia. It usually celebrated to commemorate the Christian’s Epiphany days. Epiphany is a holiday marking Jesus Baptism at river Jordan.  Although it’s originally a Christian holiday, nowadays the participants of […]