Does Ushanka Can Be Worn By Everyone?

Many cultures around the world develop their own brand of headgear. The headgear may be used as mere clothing accessories, ceremonial artifact, or a form of protection from extreme weather. As one country that encompasses some of the coldest place on earth as well as some of the most fashionable residents worldwide, Russia also designs […]

All You Need to Know About Russian Kaftan

Russia has a lot of traditional clothes that are popular worldwide. One of them is kaftan that is worn by the men and women. Originally from ancient Mesopotamia and heavily used by many Middle Eastern groups, kaftan made its way to Russia through the Persian in the tenth century. Because kaftan is hardly an exclusive […]

5 Best Russian Clothing Known around the World

Traditional clothing is always interesting. It is a great way to learn about a certain place’s culture elaborately. The cuttings, colors, ornaments, and type of fabric represent symbols and tell a lot of stories about a country. It is not a wonder that travelers or people who are enthusiast about foreign cultures always try to […]

Interesting History of Russian Fashion throughout Time

Fashion bears meaning for a popular trend, specifically in styles of dress and jewelry or manners of behavior. However, there is so much more to fashion than meets the eye. The items of clothing we decided to wear are often times our best and tangible forms of personal expression. What we decide to wear shows […]