What to Do While Celebrating the White Nights in Russia?

To people who live closer to the equator, enjoying long days and shorter nights in person may sound like a dream. Leave alone the natural phenomenon of the northern sky. But, that doesn’t mean that all the mother nature’s beauties can’t be spread around the globe, thanks to technology. The beauty we are about to […]

9 Best Places to Enjoy and Celebrate White Night Festival in Russia

The White Night Festival in Russia is a morph of culture, arts, and music that provides you one of the richest experiences around. The night when Russian people celebrate White Night Festival, the streets of St. Petersburg, come alive with colorful carnivals and performances by several world’s most talented artists. It takes place during the […]

6 Wonderful Facts of White Night Festival in Russia

Every summer, a strange, natural phenomenon occurs in St Petersburg, Russia. From end of May to end of July, the city’s sky does not get dark, even during the night. It gives the citizens plenty of reason to celebrate. Due to such strange phenomenon, the White Night Festival began. For some people, it could be an […]

7 Guides to Celebrate White Night Festival in Russia

White Night Festival is an annual international arts festival in Russia. It is celebrated during the season of the midnight sun and consists of a series of opera, classical ballet, and music events. It is taken place at St. Petersburg. Due to the latitude of St. Petersburg’s location, St. Petersburg is well known for the […]