Myths and Facts About Melnitsa; A Russian Folk Rock Music

Music scene in Russia is quite diverse. You might want to explore it for some reasons. For example, learning Russian is more fun by music and lyrics than other conventional method. Or you’re simply a music lover and want to change your music atmosphere a bit. You can be glad, because regardless of your taste, […]

How Cool Is Alfa Music in Russia?

You might have heard of the hype of the electronic dance music in Russia and how alive the nightlives in Saint Petersburg and Moscow are. You can easily find good pubs and night clubs in these two largest cities in Russia as well as reasons to go there during big festivals like The White Nights. […]

What You Have to Know about Unique Russian Music Instruments

If you are a music lover, the chance is you know almost everything about the most common musical instruments. You must have known that a piano is technically a string instrument, that the buzz of your mouth can make an embouchure sing and even everything about those trippy and rare double-reed instruments such as the oboe […]

5 Unexpected Facts of Russian Modern Music Nowadays

Hi music lovers around the world! Did you know about the facts of your favorite music? Of course, there are many stories behind the creation of a song. Even the development of a music industry in a country also have stories or facts behind it. The music industry in Russia is also experiencing various developments […]

5 Surprising Facts of Music Industry in Russia

Everyone certainly likes music, right? However, has it ever crossed your mind about the facts behind the success of the music industry in your country? Facts that will tell how music in a country begins. Or maybe the fact about the musical journey to become popular as it is today. Then what about Russian music? […]

Worth to Know Facts about Nashestvie Rock Festival in Russia

Music has always been a great thing to bring people together. They say it’s a universal language that can be understood even when one doesn’t speak the native tongue of the lyrics. Then, just like a great tree, music branches itself to accommodate different tastes by dividing the genre that then bind together people who […]

Brief Guide You Should Know Before Going to Russian Nashestvie Festival

Summer in Russia doesn’t last really long, and that’s why it’s always packed with outdoor events while it lasts. One of the most famous is this Russian rock festival known as Nashestvie Festival. The event is usually held around July or August for two to three days. Dubbed as the “Russian Woodstock”, Nashestvie calls for […]

What is Balalaika ? Get to know it’s history

Music is the key of life, some people has this opinion until now. No doubt that we have to listening to music every day. But that’s not about pure music we’re talking about right now. Music is the part of the culture too. Why? Because the music we’re talking about is the music that were […]

Facts of Balalaika as Russian Music Instruments

In the middle 17th century there was a music performer, that always performed at several events, like, weddings, birthday party, etc. The performer called “The Skomorohi“, they were always a big star in any events. But, somehow the authorities never liked them. Because, they thought “The Skomorohi” are performing evil and witchcraft. Even  though, their melody […]