What To Wear During Summertime In Russia

Summer in Russia usually takes place around June to August. The weather can be very hot and the temperature even reaches 40 ° C. For those of us who are bored with the hot weather it will definitely be very torturous. Russians love summer and sun. Because that’s when they can sunbathe and bathe in the sun for more ‘exotic’ skin. There are some things to do when summer in Russia.

Russians try to dress to a minimum and lie in the gardens drying their skin so that their skin can burn flat. Even in the early spring, there were many women who were busy laying cloth or special towels sunbathing and then lying in the city park exposed to sunlight. So, what to wear during summertime in Russia? Here are some things that you must wear during summer in Russia :

1. T-shirts

Apparently, the most necessary thing during the summer is T-shirts. That’s because wearing clothes other than this type seems to be an uncomfortable cause because of the warming weather. Low humidity levels that make it difficult for us to sweat indirectly make heat like it can’t ‘get out’ from the body. T-shirts are the answer to the best possible transfer of body heat due to the thinness and coolness of the ingredients. Some offices in the summer allow workers other than front officers to wear T-shirts and jeans.

2. Shorts

Weekends and work return are the time for shorts. Don’t be afraid that your legs will blacken because there won’t be anyone here who cares about the color of your feet. They care more if we care about our health and comfort. 

3. Sneakers 

Put your leather boot into cardboard until the middle of next year when winter arrives. It’s summer, it’s time for sneakers and big boss to show. The sneakers were casual neckless sneakers and not shoes specifically for sports purposes. Sneakers are perfect for summer especially when attending formal-casual events because the material is mostly canvas or porous leather is cool enough to wear.

4. Big Boss

Bigboss is a shoe that used to be used by Bruce Lee and several characters in the old Chinese film Kung Fu genre.
The material is an average canvas fabric with large pores and insoles that are not too thick. Big boss is the best choice if we will just use the streets or visit a friend’s house. Besides being comfortable to wear and comfortable to look at, bigboss also has a very affordable price.

5. Slippers

When you don’t have to shod, sandals are the best choice for summer. To the mall, to the beach, to the grocery or watching? Use sandals instead of shoes!

6. Sun block

Summer? Watch out for ultraviolet. Information states that sunlight is quite ‘ferocious’ and prone to the danger of Ultraviolet rays. This is due to a leak in the ozone layer so that the risk of getting skin cancer through the sun’s rays in the summer is quite high. Apply the sunblock to the entire open body before going to the beach or meet the Christmas lunch invitation on the open field or anywhere that allows us to be under the sun a lot.

7. Sunglasses

Sunglasses that are not always black here are not considered jewelry. Sunglass is more placed as a need to reduce the heat of the sun in the summer. Conditions in summer, the sky is rarely cloudy while the sun is bright. The combination of sky blue and white silver will certainly be very painful to the eye, especially during the afternoon hours.

8. Insect lotion

Not only humans who growl, even creeping creatures, which are usually comfortable living in the bush, also choose to show themselves to reduce heat. So do not be surprised if when we are going to a lush area suddenly appears a snake that is ngider casually. Not to mention flies, bobtails and other insects that can only creep or fly. They know exactly how to enjoy a summer vacation with humans. Worse yet, there are several types of insects that can be very deadly when biting. So, instead of taking risks, apply an insect repellent lotion to prevent it.

9. Wind breaker jacket

Summer is summer but that doesn’t mean it’s not cold. Always prepare the wind breaker jacket type in the bag or luggage of the car. Wind breaker type jacket is a good choice. Its because in addition to the lightweight material (a type of parachute) it is usually also easy and concise to be stored again. So when the wind has passed and the temperature warms up again, quickly open it and save it again.

10. Blouse

Blouses are clothes with models that have high leeway. This outfit can keep you stylish and very suitable for summer wear. This type of clothing still remains a favorite of women to wear. The reason, the size and theme of this clothing is very comfortable for women. Blouses are usually worn by collecting at the waist so that they hang loosely over the wearer’s body.

11. Mini dress

Mini dresses are always identical for feminine women because they make women look elegant. Moreover, you can choose many styles and types of dresses. So that it makes it easier for you to adjust to the accessories too.

12. Jeans

Jeans are still a favorite fashion item for many people from all walks of life. Its use is comfortable, making jeans can be worn in all occasions. Moreover, jeans are made of durable material and can be used at any time. In the times, jeans have many motifs that can be used, including denim jeans that are still a trend and much liked by women.

Thats all what to wear during summertime in Russia. Summer in Russia in 2018 is very special because it coincides with the world cup. Throughout the summer this year, Russia is ready to hold various festivals, theater shows and exciting sporting events (other than the World Cup). If you have time to visit Russia, don’t forget to enjoy some of the favorite foods in summer in Russia.

Besides summer, Russia is perfect for those of you who like winter. We know that Russia has many very interesting destinations. There are many buildings with amazing architects in Russia. In addition, there are many culinary delights in Russia during the winter.

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