8 Events not to be missed in Russia during summer

One of the things you have to do to vacation in Russia is events not to be missed in Russia during summer. Summer is the best time for everyone. The temperature is not cold, allowing you to go to various places of interest. Everyone from babies to the elderly certainly prefers summer than winter. If you already have a plan to vacation in Russia when summer arrives, some of these events must be attended by you:

1. The Scarlet Sails Festival

Алые паруса or commonly known as “The Scarlet Sails” is a festival that will be held on June 22 this year. The festival is intended for young people graduating from school in St. Petersburg, one of the cities in Russia. The Scarlet Sails are regularly held every year and last for white nights. In this festival there will be a ship with a red screen that surrounds the waters on the Neva. The ship became a symbol of all hopes and dreams. The Scarlet Sails Festival is one of the largest and most popular festivals in Russia, this event is open to the public and free.

2. “The White Nights Stars” Festival

The festival will be held on May 22 to July 28 and takes place at the Mariinsky Theater. “The White Nights Stars” Festival is one of the festivals that you must visit when visiting Russia in the summer. The festival features spectacular performances ranging from opera, ballet, symphony concerts, and others. The festival which has been going on for 26 years has become one of the biggest and most interesting shows in the world. Unlike the Scarlet Sails Festival, “The White Nights Stars” Festival will cost you. Therefore, you must order the ticket quickly if you don’t want to run out.

3. The Beauty Show Krasnodar

If the two previous events were in the art field, this third event included in the field of beauty and was very suitable for you women. The Beauty Show Krasnodar is an exhibition of beauty ranging from cosmetics to fragrances that are already on an international scale. This event is among the largest in Southern Russia and is free. Usually it is attended by 25000 visitors with 250 brands involved every year. The Beauty Show Krasnodar is divided into 4 editions, so you don’t have to worry about missing this event.

The time:

May 29-01 Jun 2019

30 May-02 Jun 2018

June 4, 2017

June 4, 2017

The best local cosmetics brands from Russia will also be present at this festival. One of the best local cosmetics brands from Russia that you should know, especially for you foreign tourists and do not know Russian beauty products, namely Natura Siberica. Natura Siberica is the most famous and best cosmetic brand in Russia. In addition, this brand has covered a global scale. Herbal ingredients are the main composition of the products produced. You can certainly find this brand on the Krasnodar The Beauty Show.

4. Platonov Art Festival

The 2-week festival was held in the city of Voronezh, Central Russia. The festival which was held from June 6-17 has been held regularly for 8 years. The platonov art festival is the best cultural event in Russia because it displays all the elements of art ranging from music, theater, dance, film, exhibitions and more. The show in this festival is a street theater parade that is able to make the city streets and squares very beautiful.

5. Art Ovrag Festival

Art Ovrag Festival is a street art festival that will be held for 3 days from 9-11 June and takes place in the industrial city of Vyksa. This festival is free and displays several displays such as workshops, talk shows, exhibitions, shows, music, and sports.

6. Geek Picnic

If previous events were only held in 1 city, Geek Picnic will be held in 2 different cities namely Moscow and St. Petersburg. Located in Kolomenskoe Park (Moscow) and Yelagin Island (St Petersburg), the festival takes place on 10-11 June and 4 – 5 August. Geek Picnic is the largest technology festival in Europe made for the fields of science and technology. Both places will be transformed into hi-tech venues with robotic performances, drone races, VR stations, light shows, talks, workshops and performances from famous scientists from various countries.

7. Stereoleto

For those of you music lovers, you must go to this one. Stereoleto is an annual music event in St Petersburg which is indie rock, folk and hip hop. This event will be held for 2 days from 10-11 June, at Artplay, St. Petersburg.

8. Teriberka, New Life

This event held by the LavkaLavka farmers cooperative in Moscow. Held at a remote place in the North Pole, precisely the sea coast of Barents, this event aims to turn the place into a tour that is visited by many people. In Teriberka, New Life will show many views Among them are workshops, music, architecture, urbanism, bird watching, nature tourism, boat trips, diving, kitesurfing courses, gourmet food master classes, and arts & crafts exhibitions. Teriberka, New Life is one of the recommendations for those of you who will be vacationing in Russia next summer. The event was held on July 21-22 in Teriberka, Murmansk Region, Northwestern Russia.

Once you know the various events not to be missed in Russia during summer, you also need to know St. Petersburg fashion style that makes you curious to try. Not everyone likes summer, so it’s important for you to know St. Petersburg fashion style that makes you curious to try so that your vacation trip stays comfortable:

1. Use jeans and a shirt

These two clothes are right to be used as St. Petersburg fashion style that makes you curious to try, because they can keep you from the heat of Russia. This style is also popular in all circles in Russia, so you don’t need to be afraid of the costumes that might occur.

  • Dress or skirt

You can use any dress or skirt model in Russia. Dress or skirt can make you stay comfortable if you are outdoors. Even some tourist attractions in Russia that require you to use a skirt, usually a religious place.

  • Swimsuit

This one isn’t for you to use for a walk. Swimsuits are intended for those of you who want to do swimming activities to get rid of the heat of summer.

So much information about events not to be missed in Russia during summer and other guides for those of you who are going on vacation in Russia during the summer. Russia and summer are one of the best things for your holiday and family.

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