8 Popular Souvenirs of FIFA 2018 You Can Get in Russia

When it comes for football, there must be souvenirs to rise the spirit of spectators. It is also good for those coming from other countries to bring home some souvenirs from Russia because there are a lot.

The first shop that opens in Russia is in Moscow. It is in Central Children’s Store or “Detskiy Mir” at Lubyanka Square. Then, the second is in Saint Petersburg. Russian government had also planned to open such stores in all 11 cities by 3 to 5 stores each. In addition to showing huge attention to the World Cup, it is good for Russian industries.

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Although those shops are quite small, the government had planned to open two big shops with more than 1,000 meters square wide. So, if you are looking for some of them for the matches or just want to bring some souvenirs from the country, below are 8 popular souvenirs of FIFA 2018 you can get in Russia.

1. Matryoshka dolls

The first one famous is the Russian traditional doll, Matryoshka. There is something interesting about this doll. The dolls that used to show smiley girls or women now turned into girls holding a whistle or a ball. There is also a design of President Vladimir Putin’s face with a whistle in his mouth and a ball next to him. However, the most popular one is that of girl with whistle. This design had blown the internet as well. If you want to get both the feel of the World Cup and something that characterizes Russia, this doll is the right choice. You can choose that one with the President’s face on it to get some political feel as well.

2. Toys of Zabivaka the Wolf

There comes another doll, but the doll is closer to the match. It is the FIFA World Cup 2018 mascot, Zabivaka the Wolf. Who will ditch this cute little doll? The mascot is one of the popular and important souvenirs for this World Cup and other World Cups.

For the toys, you can see Zabivaka wearing the white T-shirt with short sleeves in the color of blue. It also wears red pants while holding a ball with its left hand. You can put this on your desk to get the after-World-Cup sensation or just add it to your long list of football souvenirs.

3. Key chains

Key chains will surely accompany you with aftermath match sensation. It will accompany you everywhere as long as you put it on a thing you bring most of the time, like you bag or your car key.

For the design, mascot Zabivaka the wolf appears again. You may recognize the design of this key chain where Zabivaka is kicking a ball. There is also a design of a ball. If deciding which one to choose gives you a headache, just buy all of them. There is nothing wrong with having two key chains anyway.

4. Stationery

Well, Russia definitely knows how to make children love this sport and World Cup. Yes, it is by engaging them through souvenirs, like pencil cases, book and journals with the designs related to the matches. You can choose which one you need and you may as well choose all of them. The journals mainly have Zabivaka on the cover in so many colors, like red, green and blue. Meanwhile, books and pencil cases will give you the feel for the sport.

5. Cutlery

If you are really a football lover, you may want to buy some souvenirs that will bring you to the next level of football lover. You can buy any kinds of cutlery with the design of the match and football theme. There are cups, plates and water bottle. Buying cups and plates will definitely make you think of the match whenever you are eating. You can also bring your World Cup water bottle to your school or office to bring your memory of the football spirit.

6. T-shirt and official match ball

Do you play football? If you love playing football, you need to buy these. The t-shirt comes in two colors, which are red and white with short sleeves. Meanwhile, the long sleeves ones are in blue. Well, actually you can choose just any t-shirt that you want. No pressure, here. But, it’s good that your t-shirt matches with your team’s t-shirt, though.

7. Phone case

You may love this one. Just buying this one will give you very high dignity of FIFA World Cup 2018. How come? You know that people nowadays are busy with their gadget and will bring their gadget wherever they go. They will text while walking, they call in the bus, they chat while meeting with friends, they will do some selfie in some spots, vlogging and so many others. So, the phone case will say itself about your love for football and your participation in Russian World Cup. Moreover, the case comes in so many colors you can choose based on your preference.

8. Pillow

Do you want to dream about watching your team playing in the match again? Or do you want to recall the first time you see the mascot? Just buy this pillow with Zabivaka on the cover. You probably will meet your favorite player as well.

Those are 8 popular souvenirs of FIFA 2018 you can get in Russia. You may as well read about things Russians do to celebrate World Cup 2018.

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