Is Russian Matryoshka The Same with Japanese Kokeshi? Here’s to Know

Are you among those who like to collect dolls? What kind of dolls that are already in your collection? As we know, there are many types of dolls that exist in every country in the world. There are also types of dolls that have many similarities and some are completely different from the others. Each […]

What Are the Differences Between the Nesting Doll and Matryoshka Doll?

Do you like collecting souvenirs in the country you are visiting? If so, maybe you also need to collect Matryoshka dolls. You can find Matryoshka dolls if you visit Russia. This is a typical doll from there. Matryoshka is a unique doll because there are dolls inside the doll. The images in this doll also […]

Top 7 Authentic Souvenirs You Can Get From Nizhny Novgorod

Each region has certain characteristics. And that is what makes them famous. There is an area famous for its tourist attractions, regional food, or special souvenirs that you can bring home. Some of these peculiarities have always been the icon of pride of the area. And tourists who can buy or come to the icon […]

Most Popular Toys For Children Made in Russia

Russia is a country that have many tourist attractions. You can visit amazing places during winter in Russia. If you have ever visited Russia, especially Moscow, you will find souvenirs of dolls with beautiful and chubby pictures. Especially in the Old Arbat area, a Russian culinary and souvenir spot. Matryoshka is the name of this […]

How to Buy Authentic Russian Matryoshka

Most of us when we visit a certain country, we would try find unique local specialties that can be brought back home as souvenirs. You know, the little trinkets and snacks that will remind us of our past trips. Sometimes we also give them to friends and family as gifts. Besides, souvenirs from across the […]

9 Interesting Facts of Russian Matryoshka Dolls

Do you know the set of wooden dolls that come in decreasing size, in which the smaller ones can be placed inside the bigger doll? Or perhaps you’re more familiar with the cartoon Higglytown Heroes? Yeah, those dolls… They are called the matryoshka dolls and have become a trademark Russian souvenir. This traditional handicraft is […]

History and Creation of Matryoshka Nesting Dolls

Matryoshka doll, also known as babushka doll or more commonly, nesting doll, is a toy consisting of a set of wooden dolls placed one inside another. Over time, the toy became known as the symbol of Eastern European and a common souvenir, only helped with the beautiful craftsmanship and the interesting concepts surrounding the ancient […]