10 Best Budget Hotels in St. Petersburg For Tourist

liki loft hotelSt. Petersburg is the second biggest city in Russia, it spoils tourist with various choices. This Russian version of  Venice rich with architecture, landscapes and famous places in Saint Petersburg that worth to visit. No surprise, this city is visited by many tourists from various parts of the world and it is a Muslim friendly destination.

The city offers wonders and a good time for any tourist, even if you are traveling in a budget. Saint Petersburg has a wide collection of affordable dish that both delicious and easy in the pocket. It is possible to explore the city in an affordable way and you still will have the best time in this city. It also has many choices of budget hotels in the area which are near famous landmarks, in the city center and accessible. Here is some of the best budget places in the city that combine the best of price, location, and facilities.


The best hotel to choose when traveling is a place that can save up both in time and money. The Liki Loft Hotel is the right choice. This modern minimalist hotel in the city center, although quite away from the main crowded street of Saint Petersburg. You can walk everywhere, especially to some of Saint Peterburg famous places, such as Smolny Cathedral and Nevsky Avenue.

It is especially close restaurants and cafes which serves best cuisine trademark of the city.  This budget hotel is a perfect choice for travelers that look for a cozy place to stay with great access to the city.  All the rooms are lofts right under the roof equipped with the basic necessities includes wifi, free breakfast etc


Another place to stay around the busiest street in Saint Petersburg. This small hotel is next to the stunning Kazan Cathedral with a walking distance away from Nevsky Avenue. The budget has a rustic design with bare bricks wall and metal bed frames. This hotel has a pleasant and homey feel, it also allows tourist to bring their pets. The free wifi is also a nice addition to this friendly hotel. it almost feels like you coming home to your own room.


This budget hotel offers a kitchen which is a nice feature for people who prefer to cook for themselves. If you traveling in long-term on a budget, staying in this hotel is a great way to save up. Accommodation is the highlight of this Apart-hotel Mia service, with kitchenette and refrigerator, you will feel right at home. However, the only drawback is the distance from the city. if you have no problem to enjoy a little more scenery before getting to various famous places. This hotel definitely worth to check out.


If you are walking the downtown street of Saint Petersburg, you can easily find this hotel. The simple and modern hotel is located t the heart of the city. Therefore is a very strategic place to stay on budget. You can open your window and look at the busy street of Nevsky Avenue and enjoy the city atmosphere. Traveler wanting to see as much as possible in a short period of time, this is the place for you.


If you travel in a budget, you need only the essentials but a cozy place to sleep after a long day exploring the city. The Greenwich Yard provides simple and adequate accommodation. The rooms portray 19th century St Petersburg apartments style, it gives a very Russian feels. You can always find something unique in Saint. Petersburg such as an experience to sleep in the real Russian vibes. It perfect for those who prefer to avoid the crowded touristy streets. It is close to the Tauride Gardens, a green space very popular among locals.


Backpacker and budget traveler find this hostel very affordable. It is also a great way to meet people from all around the world. Your interaction with other people is high in this place. Staying in a playful hostel can be a great option for a really saving up trip. The rooms are simple with dorm bunks or private room with a shared bathroom. The dorm design is has a bright color and cheerful tone throughout the hostel. Moreover, there is a kitchen with a dining room to chat with fellow travellers. If you don’t mind sharing and have less privacy this hostel definitely on point.


This eclectic place of stay in the center of Saint Petersburg. Has a unique odd yet pleasant choice of mix furniture. The rooms are complete with a small kitchen, which enable you to cook home-cooked meals. It gives any traveler a glimpse how to live like the locals. So you can be a guest at home, all the while not breaking the bank.


This budget hotel has a strong universal vibe with themed of various capital cities around the world. You can see pieces of London, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Prague around the hotel. This simple yet pleasant hostel located in a historic building in the heart of St Petersburg.  It is very strategic near the public transportation such as trains and bus stations.


This budget-friendly option is gaining popularity all over the world, and Russia is no exception. A capsule hotel is perfect for those just need to take short periods of sleep in between exploring the city.  All other amenities are available based on a request, although the whole interior is quite minimalist.


It is a great place to stay on an island. If you visit Vasilyevsky Island and decided to stay the night, this is the place to stay. In this island, based on history, all the streets run parallel to each other, a phenomenon not followed through in other parts of the city. For those wanting to step back in time, this hotel could be a budget-friendly choice.

So if you are traveling on a budget, you have many choices for places of stay in Saint petersburg. The only problem is chosing where to stay. Each person has their own preference, whether its location, privacy, food or time, Saint Petersburg has everything for everyone.

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