Most popular Asian Restaurants in St. Petersburg

azia restaurantSaint-Petersburg is a truly the city that never sleeps. Overflowing cuisines from various region enrichen the city of Saint Petersburg. You can find a variety of affordable cafes, popular restaurants, and stalls with healthy and tasty food in the city center. Living in Saint Petersburg is differ with Moscow, it is more relax and has a friendly ambiance.

The street style is also more vibrant and stylish here, there are many unique Russian things that only you can find in Saint Petersburg. A thing you should definitely try is the diverse food from street food, halal food, vegetarian food, Mediterranean food and let’s not forget Asian food.

Popular Asian Restaurants

The fact about Russia is geographically close to Asian countries making their food exceptional is quite huge. You can see many Asian restaurants opening up in big cities such as Moscow and Saint Petersburg. Many even have food delivery service that brings food to your home 24 hours around the clock. There are big chains restaurants that have stores in Moscow as well as Saint Petersburg. However, there is also a small cafe with a strong Asian ambiance. Here are some popular Asian restaurants in Saint Petersburg.

  1. Azia

Many Asian restaurants are a part of a hotel. This world of delicately place with balanced spices, intense flavors, and tempting aromas delivers Asian cuisine with a modern twist at the Belmond Grand Hotel. The restaurant backdrop of warm woods, sleek reclaimed metal, colorful spice jars and handmade brick tiles set. The overall atmosphere creates a home feels. Moreover, the fusion menu that puts a creative, and contemporary twist on classic Asian cuisine is what attract their loyal customers.

  1. Halong Bay

When you talk about Asian restaurants, you are serving with a variety of rich spices from different countries. Japanese, Chinese. korean, Indian, Vietnamese, Thailand is among the most famous of them all. Therefore, any Asian restaurant would serve several dishes from several countries that represent Asia. This place represents Chinese and Vietnamese popular dishes. ”

Among their popular dishes includes Shrimp Balls & the Pho, dim sum, siaomai, shark fins, tendons, and egg rolls and many others tasty choices. Not only they have very affordable prices but also great taste. Moreover, they can turn almost any dish into a vegetarian dish by making it with tofu and more vegetables to replace the meat or seafood ingredient. Therefore, in a way this restaurant also has great options for vegetarian lovers.

  1. Tan Zen

It is one of the most popular chains of Chinese restaurants in the city with all the traditional features. It includes big portions, affordable prices, and mouth watering dishes. There are several stores around Saint Petersburg with at least three of them in the residential areas.

Their popular dishes include fried aubergines, rice noodle salad (Troika), calamari is amazing. For seafood lovers, there’s a wide range of ingredient which includes lobster bisque, calamari, clams, shrimp cocktails, key lime oysters, crab, mussels and daily-caught fish.

  1. Sintoho

This premium eatery is among the most popular high-end Asian restaurants. It has the elegance of the space, the unparalleled service, and the stunning flavors Asian dishes. Every dishes perfectly matched the glow of palace like atmosphere.

Asian cuisine here served in a very fancy way with a twist of fusion. Therefore you can order sashimi, sushi rolls, shrimp from the dim sum menu and expect nothing but good food. Moreover, they have an intensive wide range of wine and drinks and little bit leaning toward europian taste.

  1. Umao

This Asian restaurant mixture of many Asian cuisines going on in their kitchen. You can order Bao and dim sum from the Chinese menu, Curry and Pad Thai and Ramen also sushi from Japan. The overall menu offers little bits and pieces from different parts of Asia.

This restaurant only serves a small amount of customer with ten tables. They have some nice tables by the window and overlooking the city that looks more of a big house rather than a restaurant.

  1. Jack & Chan

The unique entrance door from a ship container already creates an Asian vibe. The food has a great mixture of spices, ingredients and cooking skills. The menu has limited variety such as spring rolls, salads, soups, noodles, and rice. The restaurant has a little television that lit up the place.

  1. Koreana

The mid-sized restaurant serves korean food and slightly adjusted to european taste. Moreover, they have wide choice of soups, rice-based dishes with vegetables and meat. This place is quite affordable among other Asian restaurants in Saint Petersburg. It is best for quick lunch, rather than the long fancy dinner.

  1. Fiolet

If you stay in hotels in Saint Petersburg check out their restaurant inside the hotel. The Rossi Hotel & Spa has amazing Asian restaurant where you can dine inside or outside. They feature Asian food around the clock. Therefore, it is among the many late-night restaurants in the city.

They serve a wide selection of morning breakfast buffet that comes with the room.  at the hotel and is pretty good. Lunch and dinner from the menu have quite a diverse selection including Japanese sushi. Some dishes take a bit longer to serves because everything is made by order. Therefore, it guarantees fresh and fine dishes. In addition, their home made sorbets and wine option add a plus to the place.

  1. Mashita

Ramen in Mashita tastes the same as the one you have in Japan. It serves huge portion, affordable food with K-pop playing on the television. The restaurant is partly self-service where you order your food at the bar stand. Then, the waitress will bring dishes to your table. Food is served quite fast even if the place is packed with guests at the restaurant.

  1. Duo Asian

This restaurant offers great samples of Asian food with nice warm bohemian atmosphere. The star of the place is the open kitchen in the middle of the restaurant. Therefore, the cooking scene itself is quite entertaining, you will never be bored in this place. It gives a unique and special ambiance for romantic dinners and for friends casual meetings.

Their menu includes dim sum with shrimps & scallops, Pork belly taco, eggplant, scallops in coconut broth, soft shell crab and many more. The restaurant is located in Rubenstien street which is famous for bars. Therefore, it is convenient to have dinner in this Asian restaurant then move to the bars below.

If you are traveling through Saint Petersburg, you can enjoy their scenery, landmarks, architectural and also great food. You can go local and try Russian food. However, their Asian restaurants are popping up and offers a different kind of experience. It is a great option for Asian tourist that may miss their home food. In addition, it appeals to other customers that are interested in Asian cuisine, wants to try something spicy or just plain curious.

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