Religious Symbols That Should be Visited in Petersburg

Do you have your own considerations when visiting a tourist spot? Have you ever visited a tourist site that still contains religious elements? There are many tourist attractions that are still associated with religion in all countries in the world. Usually, this place is visited by tourists who also want to enjoy the religious nuance […]

All Facts About Kamchatka, The Most Hazardous Place in Russia

Only two days before this article was written, an earthquake with magnitude of 6.4 shook Kamchatka peninsula. The epicenter was only around 100 miles from a city. And it was only one of four earthquakes with magnitude of 3.0 or greater that happened around the area within the last 10 days. Thankfully, no victims were […]

Facts You Should Know About Kazan, City in Russia

Russia is known as a powerful country, with its powerful military and completed with an outstanding wealth. In th country, you can find some unique and interesting buildings like Saint Basil’s Cathedral, Kizhi Island, Lenin’s Mausoleum, and also Grand Kremlin Palace. Most of you have known about one of the famous city in Russia, called […]

Top 10 Stunning Tourist Attractions in Russia You Can Never Missed

Russia, the largest country in the world. Russia are known for its freezing climate or vodka. However, a thing that makes Russia outstanding is the stunning tourist attractions. These places challenges travelers around the world to come for a visit. This country also boasts about its own heritage and cultural history. Here are the top […]