11 Famous Indian restaurant in St. Petersburg (must try)

jai hindAsian food such as Japanese, Chinese, and Korean restaurants are growing in popularity around St. Petersburg, as well as Indian restaurants. The Indian cuisine is as diverse as its culture and uses a variety of unusual spices for cooking that spice up the street with many popular restaurants among tourist of Saint Petersburg with authentic smells and ambiance.

Famous Must try Indian Restaurants

Most Russian food is heavy on meat dishes and has several vegetarian choices. The cold region Balkans also the Siberian areas makes it impossible for herbs to grow. Therefore food that is rich in herbs and ingredient is famous among the locals. Moreover, with the high flow of tourist coming to Russian from all over the world. Indian restaurants in Saint Petersburg receive much love and supports. Here are some of the must-try Indian restaurants in St. Petersburg.

1. Restaurant Jai Hind (Джей Хинд)

The name of the restaurant means Glory of India and it reflects just right in this restaurant. Tourist can also spot this branch restaurant in the street of Moscow. This restaurant can be a glimpse of an inexpensive sample of Indian cuisine from the southern part of India. Almost all the spices are imported from India brings the authentic flavor.

Moreover, on the hand of the Indian chef that ensures that all dishes has an authentic taste. There are many Indian programs to occupy you while waiting for your orders. In addition, children can also draw to spend the waiting time here. The restaurant upon until late and also among the many late night restaurant at Saint Petersburg

2. Bar-restaurant “Cardamon” (Кардамон)

This restaurant another popular late-night restaurant in Saint Petersburg from a joint venture effort of two Indian restaurant owners from different parts of India. Therefore, you can definitely experience delicious dishes from several different parts of India. Whatever the menu, any Indian restaurant has many different types of bread that are baked specially for each visitor.

3. The restaurant “Tandoori” (Тандур)

This old-timer restaurant opens their door in St. Petersburg 15 years ago, has been gaining favorites ever since. The city also acknowledges their Indian cuisine and award the restaurant with “Best restaurant of St. Petersburg” two times and many other reward to the restaurant. In addition, visitors can enjoy traditional Indian food as well as dishes created by chefs of Tandoori. This is a must try the restaurant in Saint Petersburg that you just can’t miss.

A good Indian restaurant means also having Indians chefs and staffs to enhance the Indian ambiance. Their prices are quite affordable in St Petersburg. The food is good and spicy a typical Indian cuisine with a generous portion. Moreover, their selection of winery added value to the place.

4. Auroville Vegetarian Cafe and Art

Russia has some vegetarian recipes that highlit their nature. However, Indian is always famous for their vegetarian food. So if you are anywhere in Saint Petersburg and looking for some vegetarian food this cafe and art space serves you right. Their Indian chef promises an authentic Indian taste such as curry soups, samosa, tea, and such with plenty of vegan options.

5. Grand Cafe

Asian cuisine is a big deal in Russia. There are many popping up in the cities. It also happens in Saint Petersburg, where Indian restaurant takes down not only the Asian theme but also the vegetarian. The cafe offering Indian tea ceremony, with India background music, games, books for children and adults. It tries to accommodate to ensure their comfort with adding Wi-Fi, and hookahs services. This is also a great place to spend the night watching and enjoying live music some nights.

6. Jagannath

Indian food is known worldwide for their vegetarian food and this place depicts that fact greatly. This restaurant is quite famous in Russia and has many branches including in Moscow and Saint Petersburg. Both cities may have much difference in term of living and ambiance. However, both have the same rich restaurants in their cities.

A branch of Moscow-based vegetarian cafe chain run by Krishnas is one of them. It serves vegetarian foods shop and also a cafe. The cafe serves soups, sweets, teas and such with plenty of vegan options.

7. Jiva Burger

Among the cultural street of Bolshoy Kazachy Pereulok in Saint Petersburg lies various restaurant popular for tourists. Judging by the name “Jiva Burger”, people can just imagine a combination of Indian food and simple burger. This vegan-friendly Indian fast food serves an interesting twist of American Indian fusion cuisine. Moreover, it specializes in vegetarian and healthy food which just added another plus to the restaurant.

The small retro cafe lies on the first floor that is owned by a true Indian. Therefore, you can expect an authentic food here in the hand of Hare Krishna devotees serving veggie burgers.

8. Kashmir

This colorful warm Indian restaurant has a casual atmosphere. They serve various Indian cuisine affordable for all kind of customers. Their prominent location in the Nevsky Prospekt is easy to reach from the nearby metro stations in Saint Petersburg.

9. Lahore

This vegetarian cafe serving the best of Indian food plus with wraps, cakes, and many sweet desserts. Moreover, the interior features hand-painted walls, antique columns, and furniture with Indian theme all around. There are many kinds of Indian cuisine that actually differ from various regions. This cafe takes the Ayurveda approach on their cuisine. Therefore, get ready for a slightly different kind of dishes in this place.

10. Bollywood Night

Bollywood Nights serves as an Indian restaurant featuring mainly Indian cuisine while also offer other europian dishes. The historical center of Saint Petersburg holds many unique Russian things to see also restaurants to eat. The interior is tastefully done with the atmosphere of a warm Indian palace with beige and coffee tones. Moreover, the Indian artistic artwork and framed photographs adorn the walls.

The Indian restaurant takes special care to preserve the authenticity of all the dishes by using only the best ingredients. Moreover, they have a fully stocked bar with amazing cocktails and premium liquors for visitors. The non-alcoholic drinks also worthy of special mention. It includes a wide range of lassi, shakes, freshly made homemade lemonades, and amazing mocktails. Moreover, the famous Indian hot cups of Masala tea are the perfect accompaniment to long cold evenings.

11. Moon Under Water

This pet-friendly and vegan-friendly eatery in Saint Petersburg offers an Indian restaurant outdoor scenes. This place approaches more closely to English pub lookalike with affordable food and great drinks. Their curries are gluten free and the soup was also gluten-free. It is a great escape fro a healthy meal.

You have a wide range of healthy food when it comes to Indian restaurants. Moreover, their vegetarian choices have a great value to each restaurant that pays more attention to sustainabilities. Therefore, walking down the street of Saint Petersburg is worth your time and money to enter on one these Indian restaurant.

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