4 Unique Facts of Ice Palace in Saint Petersburg

One of the most famous tourist destinations in Russia in Saint Petersburg. This place has a beautiful view of the Neva River. This beautiful view is even more perfect thanks to the significant historical and cultural city attractions. With 36 historical architectural complexes and around 4000 monuments od architecture, history, and culture, Saint Petersburg is named UNESCO World Heritage. If you travel to this place, you will have thousands of options for places you can visit. There are 221 museums and 2000 libraries, as well as 45 galleries and exhibition halls. If you enjoy watching art performance, there are 100 concert organizations, at least 80 theatres, and 80 cultural establishments. If you just want to enjoy your time and watch some movies, there are 62 cinemas all over the city.

One of the activities that have been stated above is watching art performance. The most popular one in Saint Petersburg is ballet performance. This kind of art is indeed has a special place in Saint Petersburg. This claim is not without any reason. The Petersburg School of Ballet is known as one of the best in the world. Many international level dancers are from Russia. To name a few, there are  Rudolf Nureyev, Natalia Makarova, Mikhail Baryshnikov. One of their famous ballet dancer, Boris Eifman, even dares to combine the classic ballet dancer with many kinds of arts, such as acrobatics and rhythmic gymnastics. He even adds some things such as color, light, and spoken word. Fascinating right?

As one of the most visited places in Russia, Saint Petersburg is not only popular for its art performance and its theatres. There are many spots you can spend time in. One of them is the Ice Palace. What is it and what are the 4 unique facts of Ice Palace in Saint Petersburg?

Saint Petersburg’s Ice Palace

Just like the name, you can imagine the ice palace is a big area with ice as the ground in it. As an area with many cultural and historical buildings, there are many things we can learn about Saint Petersburg. One of them is about the Ice Palace. Now, let’s learn about the unique facts of Ice Palace in Saint Petersburg.

  • The History Of Ice Palace

What is the story behind the build of the Ice Palace? This area was initially built for the 2000 Ice Hockey World Championship. It has the field in the size of 60 x 30 meters and the whole area can contain 12.300 people. The main purpose of the area is as a hockey arena. Its function as a hockey arena had been proved by its being the host of the Ice Hockey European Championship Cup in 2005 up until 2008.

  • Another Use Of The Arena

Because of its large capacity, the Ice Palace is also used as a concert venue. Big names have been held concerts there. Famous singers such as Christina Aguilera,  Mariah Carey, Elton John, Eric Clapton, Britney Spears, Pink, Sade, Björk, Robbie Williams, Lorde, and Backstreet Boys are just a few of the names that had thrown their concerts there.

  • Home Arena For The SKA Saint Petersburg

One of Russia’s professional hockey players club is based in Saint Petersburg. This club is called the SKA Saint Petersburg. They will always play their home match at the Ice Palace.  There are indeed many fans of this club. When they want to watch their favorite club, they can just come to the Ice Palace which is very easy to access from the Prospect Bolshevikov metro station. If you want to experience how it feels to watch a sporting event live, you can buy a ticket to watch one of the hockey matches here. You do not need to worry that you will get a bad seat. This stadium is popular for its modern and comfortable construction. Thanks to this, either you sit on the first level or the second level, your view will not be restricted by anything.

There are some facilities provided there. First, there are 74 VIP lodges for you who want to watch from the VIP area. Second, SKA’s official Hockey Club stores. these stores can be found on the first floor. There you can buy some official merchandise of this particular club.

  • Other Sports Events

The fact that this arena can contain 12.300 spectators makes this venue suitable for many kinds of sports events, such as boxing, wrestling, basketball, volleyball, even ballroom dancing, and gymnastics. There is also a facility of 700 square-meters press center area. This spot can be used for a press conference after every match or even to hold some banquets.

Those are the unique facts of Ice Palace in Saint Petersburg. Interesting right?

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