3 Mesmerizing Trees You Must Spot In Russia When You Come By

When you look around you, you can see many beautiful things nature provides for us. You can enjoy the blue sky with puffy clouds moving slowly. You can listen to the birds chirping and enjoy the view of plants. For people who live far from the city, it is very common to see many plants around their houses because the land is not crowded by buildings and the air is not polluted. It is also easier for country people to grow their own vegetables or fruit plants because farming usually requires colder weather. That is why the weather in the village area is more suitable for farming than in the city.

One you cannot miss while enjoying nature is the flower. The various color of the flower is a great sight for the eyes. You can also smell the fragrance. If you want to see and learn about flowers or any plants, you can go visiting a nature reserve. There you will find many floras that do not only come from your home country but also from other parts of the world. The nature reserve provides you with information about all the plants they take care in the area.

It is very common for people to enjoy the view of flowers. The reason is simple because the flowers are colorful. Yes, it is right that flowers show beauty but we must also remember that flower is not the only flora we can enjoy the view, tree and its mesmerizing height with its thick leaves is also a great sight for the eyes. The fascinating trees can be found in many places, one of them is Russia. Here are some of the trees you can spot in Russia:

Mesmerizing Trees You Must Spot In Russia

These are some of the trees for you to spot in Russia:

1. Birch Tree

The Birch Tree is the most common tree in Russia. There are some interpretations about the name of this tree. Some experts claim that the name originally comes from the ancient Slavic word “Berza”. This word means “to shine”, “white”, and “bright”. While in the Russian language, the name is connected to “Beliy” which means “white” and “Berech” which definition is “to keep” and “to take care”.

Because of the meaning of its name, the Slavs people believe that Birch Tress has the ability to keep people safe from the evil power. As proof of their belief, many people will go finding a Birch Tree to ask for protection or they will plant it near their houses. People also believe that Birch Tree help you to gain happiness, to reach emotional stability, and to release stress. People walk around in the Birch Tree Forest and touches the tree to gain those benefits. Next time you are in Russia, give it a try and see if it works 🙂

Birch Tree has many functions. On the ancient time, many Russians used the birch bark as the material to write on. They used it as a note because the bark, the outermost layer, can be easily cut, bent, and sewn. It also has the ability to resist water. Nowadays, it is used to make things such as “lapti” footwear or decorated boxes you can find in the merchandise shops.

Another great thing about the birch tree is the fact that it is named as Russia’s national tree. Birch Tree is the symbol of elegance, strength, tenderness, closeness to nature, and the natural beauty of Russian women. There are many folksongs and poems inspired by this mesmerizing tree. The next time you are in Russia, do not forget to spot this tree so you can also be fascinated by its beauty.

2. Oak Tree

Just like their belief in the positive energy produced by the Birch Tree, Slavic people also believe that Oak Tree can give them many advantages. They believe when you hold an event under the Oak Tree, you will gain bless from God. That is why they will conduct many occasions under the Oak Tree, such as wedding, meeting, and ritual activities. They even build temples and shrines under this tree. Those are not the only thing they believe about the Oak Tree. They also see this tree as their mediator to the universe. Contact with the universe is something that they trust will help them to get positive energy so each of them will have a long and happy life.  As a mediator, they are also sure that Oak Tree has the power to heal and bring back dead people to life.

The Birch Tree is not the only tree that inspired a poet to write a poem. The oak tree has also inspired Alexander Pushkin to write “Tsar Tree”, a popular poem which opening lines started with the mention of the glorious Oak Tree. While the Birch Tree is a symbol of Russian women’s natural beauty, the Oak Tree symbolizes the male energy. This mesmerizing tree also represents strength and glory.

3. Rowan Tree

It is very easy to spot a Rowan Tree. The color of its leaves is very festive and you can see a lot of red berries hanging all over the tree branches. This appearance and the bitter taste of the berries are connected with youth, love, and loneliness. This tree has been the inspiration by so many great poets like Marina Tsvetaeva, Alexander Pushkin, and Anna Akhmatova. The mention of Rowan Tree in many poems portrays life in general – tragic and happens in the short term.

Just like the Birch Tree and the Oak Tree, many people believe that this tree has supernatural power. It is a part of the tradition to trust the Rowan Tree in keeping people safe from the witch’s spells or the evil spirit. People are also sure that this tree can bring happiness to them and their families. Besides the magical power, the Rowan Tree also has a scientific benefit. Its berries can be used to decontaminate dirty water. Isn’t it great? 🙂

Those are some of the trees you must spot during your visit to Russia. Once you find them, you will be mesmerized by it!

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