4 Most Popular Mountains In Russia Voted by Tourists

Russia, a place where endless beauty of nature. A vast land ever ready to be explored by thrill-seeking adventurers. Climbers and hikers especially would love the mountains of this country. In addition to amazing landscape, it offers boundless adventure and achievement to conquer these mountains. After gathering studies on mountains in Russia, please check out […]

8 Insider Facts of Tundra In Russia We Desire To Know

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6 Plants in Tundra of Northern Russia We Should Explore

Russia is a place where many discovery topics can be discussed. In this post, we will be focusing on Northern Russia, which is one of the largest part of Russia. It is mainly located along the Arctic Circle and it is rich with its natural resources. Northern Russia covered about 5,500,000 square kilometres and it […]

6 Endemic Plants in Russia We Never Knew They Existed

Russia is an extensive country filled with a wide spread of its soil and rich vegetation. It also has a wide range of flora and fauna. From tundra zones till taiga zones, one can definitely find a whole range of such diversity of plants in Russia. Furthermore, we will be so blown away by its […]

4 Useful Facts From The Tallest Mountains in Russia for Climbers

Russia, home to many tallest mountains that contributed to the beauty of this country. In the area of Caucasus Mountains, is famous for Russia great plains. It has a widespread of around 1,200 kilometers starting from the East until the West. It seated between the Caspian Sea and the Black Sea. In this post, we […]

5 Fascinating Facts About Taiga In Russia We Wanted To Know

Russia, the largest country in the world. In addition, it is also known as the largest country in the category of the total area. The geography of Russia is so unique that it has 5 natural zones. It consists of the tundra zone, the arid zone, and mountain zone. Another two includes the plains known […]

Top 5 Popular City That You Must Visit in Russia

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Top 10 Stunning Tourist Attractions in Russia You Can Never Missed

Russia, the largest country in the world. Russia are known for its freezing climate or vodka. However, a thing that makes Russia outstanding is the stunning tourist attractions. These places challenges travelers around the world to come for a visit. This country also boasts about its own heritage and cultural history. Here are the top […]

5 Russian Folk Dances and Their Origins That You Never Heard About

Are your feet ready to dive into Russian folk dance? Tie up the shoelaces and ready to experience this very unique culture of the Russian folk dance. It is still one of the important cultures to a Russian. Many have claimed that folk dance was originated around 10th century ago. It was claimed to be […]

6 Various Reasons Why You Should Visit St. Petersburg

1. Why Go St. Petersburg? St Petersburg is beautiful, complex, and the ultimate Russian prima donna. This city has a history of 300 years. From an uninhibited swamp, this place has been nurtured and revamped. It also survived its own history and natures’ elements that it reach a metropolitan city today. St Petersburg are attractive […]