5 Most Beautiful and Natural Garden in Russia

Saint Petersburg probably has many beautiful places. Some of those include beautiful natural garden. In addition to Saint Petersburg, Moscow has some of such places as well.

If you have a chance to visit Russia, you probably want to see natural scenery in those cities. Or, if you are longing for enjoying such natural view, visiting those cities is a must.

Here are 5 most beautiful and natural garden in Russia that you must visit on your vacation. Also read: coolest place for hang out and hipsters places in Russia.

1. Michael “Mikhailovsky” Garden

The garden takes its name from Michael (Mikhailovsky) Palace. People know the palace as the main building of the Russian Museum. The name “Michael” itself comes from brother of Tsars Alexander I and Nicholas I, the Grand Duke Michael.

The French garden had several roles for the imperial family. It housed labyrinths and fountains during the reign of the Empress Elizabeth. It also became a place for formal gathering, then turned into a hunting reserve and plant nursery. Then, under the Emperor Paul it became a space for horseback riding. The garden currently becomes a public park. There are a lot of trees and a large pond. Moreover, there is a small pavilion in the north-east corner of the Garden. It is exactly on the banks of the Moika River.

2. Tauride Garden

Although “garden” is mentioned in the name, the place is more of a park. Moreover, it used to be Catherine the Great favorite park. The place is great if you want to have some natural walk far from the husky-busky of the city.

The garden stands on the estate of Grigory Potemkin behind the Tauride Palace. The garden has romantic style. Moreover, it has some canals and ponds. There are also a lot of trees and shrubs growing up there.

Opened in 1866, the garden suddenly became a hit. They walked around the place and there were also some children playing. If you want to ice-skate, make sure you visit the place during winter.

3. Botanical Garden

Botanical Garden actually has a full and lengthy name. It is the Botanical Garden of the V.L. Komarov Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Located on the Petrograd side, the place is one of the oldest Botanical Gardens in the country. If you are interested in horticulture, you must visit the place as it has a various collections of plants to study, such as trees, shrubs, flowers, and other plants.

The garden has a greenhouse that keeps  a large collection of tropical and sub-tropical plants. There are also various types of fern, Chinese and Japanese plants, palms, bamboo, conifers, orchids, and much more. At certain night in May, the place is opened until midnight. Because at that time, tropical Queen of the Night blooms, Thus, the management open the place for visitors so they can enjoy the scene.

Although it has become what people see nowadays, it used to suffer a lot of deaths of plants. The tragedy occurred during the Second World War. During that time, unique examples of palms, ferns, and cacti died. Fortunately, the Garden’s collection of seeds and plants were safe. Thus, the garden returned to its glory as people see today.

4. Cottage Gardens

There is one more natural garden in the list. If you like to enjoy some natural dacha gardens, you can take commuter train to out of Moscow. From any stations, you can head to Peredelkino. The place offers colorful gardens to treat your eyes and mind from stress. Moreover, there are a lot of thorn trees growing up there. (Also read: birch trees.) Make sure you are fully aware of those thorns while you are strolling in the place.

You can see the best of Sokol “artists’ village” in the summer. Gardeners working at the place often proud of the fine work. You can take Moscow’s dark green metro line to Sokol station. Then, walk past the memorial park behind All Saints’ Church to reach the village. Don’t be surprised if you see the name of the village quite unique. Those names come from Russian artists and in line with any kinds of trees growing up there. If you want to see “glory-of-the-snow” blooms, you should visit the place in early March.

5. Neskuchny Sad

People also know the place as Neskuchny Garden. If you have visited Gorky Park, you may as well know the garden as it is part of it. Located in Moscow, it has a very special scene. It combines Russian culture with many ponds, poultry yard, ravines, many species of birds and other species of animals. You can also enjoy the presentation of exotic fruits and plants in this one of natural gardens in Russia.

Those native Russia cultures that create unique scene consists of  the Green Theater, Count Orlov’s former house, ancient arch bridges and descents. With all of those conditions, strolling over the garden, including walking under its open tunnel, will ease your daily life burden and make your stress fly away. Moreover, the word Neskuchny Sad means not-boring garden.

Those are 5 most beautiful and natural garden in Russia that you must visit. Make sure you also check most cozy places and comfortable and must-visit coffee shops in Russia.

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