Do You Love Nature? Altai is the Best Place to Visit 

Do you love nature? Altai is the best place to visit. It is a great opportunity to visit Altai in Russia in case you are looking for an immaculate, raw paradise of experience and brilliant natural beauty.   Three nations merge at the outskirts of the Altai Republic: Mongolia, Kazakhstan, and China, supporting the district in […]

4 Places That Should Be Visited for Russian Holidays

When it comes to choosing a destination for holiday, what appeals to a bunch of travelers might not be of one to another. And with a lot of different destinations scattered all over the world, they have the freedom to choose which sometimes makes narrowing down their options challenging. Are you looking forward to a city […]

7 Biggest Hospitals in Russia You Should Know

Hospital is a place where people came to treat their sickness, or just simply consulting about their health with experts. As time goes by, human population increases, thus increasing the needs for more healthcare institutes. There are two options to combat this issue. Either by building more clinics and hospitals, or expand everything that currently […]

9 Places in Russia Where Spring Comes First

Going to Russia during the winter season can be harsh. And also Russia is known for it long and cold winter season, what do you expect from a country near the artic? but even though they have a long period of winter, there is still three season you can expect to find in Russia, the […]