3 Charming Appearance of Russian girls

After reading Reasons That You Must Date Russian Girl and Effective Steps of How to Date Russian Women, you might be wondering, what is so attractive about Russian girls? What are the charming appearance of Russian girls?

Every girl has their own charm and beauty, but when it comes to appearance (fashion wise), this article can give you a general sense of it. Below are the 3 charming appearance of Russian girls:


1. Everyday Outfits

Catching the eye of random strangers and those near them, Russian women knows how to pick the most complimenting outfit. Leather and fur are the definite go-to when it comes to Russian clothing. Leather jacket is a always a good choice for Russians, regardless of the season. Russian women in general wear dresses, long skirts and/or blouses with high heels regardless of the occasion. Meanwhile, for colors, Russian women tend to wear bright colors for their outfits. In addition, white and black are seen as elegant colors. However, colors tend to be work-oriented, so there are no definite rules for colors. Someone working in the entertainment industry might be wearing bold, deep shades, while someone working in the office might be wearing calm, dull colors.

For summer, jeans and denim are quite popular among women. Denim jackets are a great choice since they are both warm and stylish. If denim jackets aren’t their taste, a light cardigan can be a great alternative. Besides those just mentioned, sundresses and skirts of any length are also acceptable. However, floor-length dresses and gowns are not favorable (only when it comes to theatre). For shoes, alternatives to high heels are flats or cute runners while sandals are not approved.

Russian women know how to work their clothes and flaunt it’s colors, whether it’s bold or vibrant. With a beautiful shade of lipstick and practical yet fashionable outfit, Russian women finish their tasks elegantly and beautifully. This is what makes Russian women charming, as they are naturally confident with refined tastes.

2. Traditional Clothing

One of the most attractive things in Russia are Russian women in traditional clothing. Plain clothes made of wool, cotton and linen- there are many variety of styles to choose when it comes to traditional Russian clothing. Their headdress is called the kokoshnik, while their traditional dress is called the sarafan. The sarafan can be found in many outlets and sometimes sold with special embroideries in brocade and silk. And last but not least, the beautiful Russian shawl which is the cherry on top.

The original wearer of the sarafan was actually European men. Then it came down to the hands of Russian women. Decorations on the sarafan, besides embroideres, are animals skins and pearls. These traditional clothing can tell a lot about their wearer such as their financial background and their characteristics. To showcase the inner dignity and emotional restraint of Russian women are the main point and beauty of traditional clothing. Beautiful yet convenient and practical, the traditional clothes are designed so they can be used for work as well.

The variation of colors used also holds a deep meaning as well. One of the meaning is that it displays ethnic diversity. On the other hand, the color “red” is the same word used in the olden days to call things beautiful. As such, it is no surprise that the main colors for these clothing are red and white.

3. Winter Clothing

Fur-lined coats, puffa coats, babushkas, platform shoes, moccasins, and boots are common during winter. Warm yet form-fitting with visible waistline, fur coats are what most Russian women wear. Besides fur coats, Russian women wear heels even for winter! They say that a Russian women wearing heels can walk through anything, even a thick snow. Russian women also wear pantyhose and a short skirt to pair with these killer heels. They can withstand the cold because their upper body is really warm. Leather coats, fur hats, gloves and scarves are the key. A fur hat can stop it’s wearer from suffering from meningitis, which leads to dementia and death. Upper body warmth is very important and covers all the heat needed for the whole body. As such, with proper upper body gear, short skirts and heels do not make them feel cold.

On the other hand, the old traditions believes that women’s hair carries a mysterious yet dangerous powers . As such, during orthodox church services, women are expected to cover their hair as well as wearing clothed or lengthy dresses. Short skirts, pants, low-cut clothing and sleeves are frowned upon in the church. Dressing modestly and comfortably are key to lasting the long service in the church. Also, not wearing lipstick is advised to avoid any awkward moments from lip stains.

Those are the 3 charming appearance of Russian girls. Not limited to the three mentioned above, Russian girls have many charms, both common and unique. Other cultural articles you might be interested to read are Most Likeable Things for Russian PeopleFree Time Activities and Most Hated Things for Russian People. Hopefully this articles has been helpful and enjoyable.

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