Does Traditional Russian Clothes Suitable for Modern Era?

Fashion tastes in each country usually change with the times. These changes are frequently followed by people who always want to look fashionable. Are you one of them?

But behind it all, there are also people who choose to use traditional clothing in the modern era like now. Because usually fashion tastes often spin. That resulted in the old fashion rising again. Is that the same with those in Russia? To add to your information, let’s look at… does traditional Russian clothes suitable for Modern era?

In the modern era like today, there are still people who think and say that using traditional clothing from their home countries is ancient and tacky. Though not all traditional clothing is not suitable for use at this time. By doing mix and match, traditional clothing used in the past can be suitable clothes to wear in the modern era.

In fact, there are many countries that have a turnaround in the country’s fashion. Many modes that are very popular in the past are now rising. Typically, such a trend would be more popular if there are artists or other famous figures who wore traditional dress used by modern clothes. Many fashion designers are starting to combine traditional clothes with the current fashion.

Usually questions will arise from people, are there still traditional clothes that are suitable for the modern era? To answer it all, it could be there.

Then what about traditional Russian clothes? Is it still suitable for the modern era like today?

In order to add information and answer your curiosity about such questions, in this article I will discuss about … Does traditional Russian clothes suitable for Modern era?

  • Leather Clothing Is Still A Favorite

Traditional clothes in Russia are very diverse. Between cities one with another city will be very different even in the same country. This was due to the vast territory of Russia. But traditional clothes that use leather remain popular everywhere.

Leather is a must. Usually traditional Russian clothes that use leather will be added with a fur lining to make it more identical to the clothes in Russia. People in Russia really like clothes with leather. Especially men. No matter in any weather, one of the clothes they wear is leather.

There is no tacky and old-fashioned impression of clothing with leather. Even today leather jackets still look really cool. Only by making a slight modification of the traditional leather clothes, clothes that will remain suitable for the modern era.

  • Using Sarafan Without A Blouse Is Still Popularly Used for Light Summer Dresses

In Russia there is traditional clothing for women called Sarafan. This traditional dress is in the form of a long dress that has no arms but there is a thin strap on the shoulder. It also has a belt with beads or bells. Usually these clothes are decorated with ribbons, gold thread and silver thread.

In the past, Sarafan was used with traditional Russian blouses that were white or could have other bright colors. If used for the present, it might look a little outdated. But Sarafan is currently more popular for light summer dresses. It is used without using a blouse.

Sarafan is still often used as in the past when celebrating or in certain events. Sarafan used were made of silk or fine linen.

  • Shuba Is Able to Survive Until the Modern Era

It could be that the traditional Russian clothes are the only ones that can survive until now without requiring much modification. The traditional Russian outfit is Shuba. Shuba is a fur coat from Russia.

Russia is famous for its winter which in certain cities feels very extreme. Using Shuba would be the right decision to keep the body warm in winter. Everyone in Russia using this traditional dress.

Shuba is a fur coat where the inside of the coat is made of fur while the outer part of the coat is made of other textile materials that have bright colors. Shuba designs that exist today were little changed to adjust the existing modes in the modern era like now. You don’t need to hesitate to use Shuba.

  • Russian Fur Hats Are Still Used as Accessories Until Now

Considering that in Russia there are cities with extreme winters, warm clothes and all the accessories you need to prepare before going there. The fur coat that you use will warm your body, but you need to use something in your head to warm you more. To keep your body warm, one of the accessories for traditional clothing that is still used today is Ushanka.

Ushanka is traditional Russian fur hat which had ear flaps that can be tied at the top or the bottom of the fur hat. Russians say that Ushanka is the best head covering when extreme winter arrives. In the past, Ushanka was used by the police and the military as part of their winter uniforms.

For modern Ushanka that you can use in the modern era, there have been a few changes. Ushanka which is popular today is usually made of rabbit fur and sheep skin.

  • So, Does Traditional Russian Clothes Suitable for Modern Era?

So, the conclusion from the explanation above, Does traditional Russian clothes suitable for Modern era?

The answer is that it can be suitable, it may not be suitable. There are some things that you should think carefully before choosing to use traditional clothes in the modern era. One of them is whether traditional clothes are suitable for use in the ongoing season in Russia.

If you still want to use traditional clothes and still look suitable for the modern era, you have to do a little mix and match or maybe a modification on your clothes. This is done so that you are more comfortable using your traditional Russian clothes.

I hope this article can really help you to find out about… Does traditional Russian clothes suitable for Modern era?

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