Time for Soviet Cartoon! 4 Characters of Cheburashka You Should Know

cheburashka charactersHave you ever seen a cartoon from Russia? If you’ve ever watched it, I can make sure if you’ve watched Masha and the Bear. Am I right?

Russian cartoons, Masha and the Bear, are already very popular throughout the world.  Then did you know that Russia also has a popular cartoon called Cheburashka? Maybe many of you don’t know about this cartoon yet. Therefore, let’s look at 4 characters of Cheburashka that you should know.

For those of you who do not know about the cartoon titled Cheburashka, I’ll tell you a little about Cheburashka cartoon to you all. I think, at least you can get information or an overview of the Cheburashka cartoon and all the characters in the cartoon.

Cheburashka is a classic cartoon from Russia with a very cute and adorable main character named Cheburashka. The Cheburashka character was first created in 1965. Cheburashka cartoons have been aired by several countries in the world. When translated into English, the name of the character Cheburashka better known as Topple. Besides being known as a classic cartoon character, Cheburashka is also a popular character in Russian jokes. The first Cheburashka film was made in 1969.

So that you all know more about the characters in the Cheburashka cartoon, in this article I will focus on discussing the 4 characters of Cheburashka that you should know.

  • Cheburashka

Cheburashka is a cartoon character “of animals unknown to science.” He is known as such because he is an animal that resembles a small child but has large ears, has soft brown fur and has large, adorable eyes. He is also very energetic but very innocent. Cheburashka is the protagonist in the Cheburashka cartoon. Even though the character of Cheburashka is more than 50 years old, his character is still very well known among children. Even Cheburashka was used as the mascot of the Russian Olympic team in 2004. Cheburashka was also a popular souvenir from Russia.

Cheburashka lives in a tropical forest.  In the storyline, Cheburashka now lives in the city with his friends whom he met there. Cheburashka, who originally lived in a tropical forest, could arrive in the city because he accidentally entered a chest containing oranges. Cheburashka ate the orange in the chest, then he fell asleep due to fullness. The chest containing oranges was finally sent to the city for a grocery store.

When opening the orange chest, the grocery store manager was confused because he found a creature in the chest. He took the creature out of the chest and sat it on the table. The manager finally gave the creature the name “Cheburashka”.

  • Gena

Cheburashka was taken away by the manager of the grocery store who found it for the first time in a zoo. However, the zoo was refused Cheburashka. At the zoo, he met with Gena.

Gena is a crocodile that works in a zoo as … a crocodile. Well, he works as himself at the zoo to attract zoo visitors. Gena is a 50 year old crocodile. Which is still comparatively young age considering the crocodiles can live up to more than 100 years. Gena is known as a great characteristic of his clothes because he used suits, coats and hats.

In his free time, Gena enjoys singing and playing garmon, reading books and newspapers. Gena also likes smoking with pipe cigarettes. When he was birthday, Gena sang a song that became a special song in Russia. In the Cheburashka cartoon story, Gena is known as the best friend of Cheburashka. He often helped and accompanied Cheburashka.

Some say that the friendship between Gena and Cheburashka happened because of a “sign of looking for friends”. How can it be? Gena felt very lonely, make and put up a sign that he was looking for a friend. Cheburashka also answered the sign made by Gena. That is where their friendship began.

  • Old Lady Shapoklyak

In a story, if there is a good character (protagonist) of course there is also an evil character (antagonist). Likewise, in the Cheburashka cartoon. When Cheburashka and Gena do their adventures, there are things that make it difficult for them. This troublesome figure named Old Lady Shapoklyak.

Old Lady Shapoklyak is an old woman. She is actually charming, it’s just that she is also naughty. Old Lady Shapoklyak’s character is described as an old woman who is tall, thin, wearing a hat, a dark dress, and bloomers. Old Lady Shapoklyak also always brought Lariska, her ugly pet mouse, in her wallet. The old woman often uses Lariska to make fun of people. She always said that if “good deeds will never make you famous.” But there are several episodes that feature Old Lady Shapoklyak having good behavior because she helped the protagonist in the Cheburashka cartoon.

  • Galya

Besides Gena, in the cartoon Cheburashka also has another best friend, Galya. Galya is a school student. Galya is a good girl. Galya is also a promising child actress at a local theater. Cheburashka met with Galya when they see a sign (advertising) made by Gena when the crocodile was looking for a friend. The two of them came to Gena’s apartment.

When she saw Cheburashka, Galya asked innocently about who Cheburashka was. Even the girl also asked if Cheburashka was a small bear, but Cheburashka weakly answered softly if in fact he did not know who he was. They (Cheburashka, Galya and Gena) founded a “Friendship House”. It’s a kind of means to help people find friends for them.

I hope this article can really help you to find out the 4 characters of Cheburashka that you should know. Have you been interested in watching the Cheburashka cartoon?  Which one is your favorite character?

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