8 Russian cartoons that reflects the past life in USSR

A movie always has some sort of message. Cartoons, as simple as they may seem, are no exceptions. After all, every product of human creativity must be inspired by a real-life situation. If you are keen, you can spot it in every movie you watch. Russian cartoons, especially made in the Soviet era, are quietly […]

7 Soviet Cartoon That Bring Back Childhood Memories of Russian People

There are several things that can bring back childhood memories. Ice cream, toys from the past, theme parks, and childhood TV shows. For some, cartoons warm the heart for being a reminder of the more innocent times. This also applies to some of the Russian people. The Soviet era surprisingly is when animated movies thrived […]

5 Russian Cartoons That Go Worldwide Success

Russian cinematics world, big screen or tv, is intriguing to explore. The list of Russian movies from last year alone is full of titles worth to add to your watch list. Watching movies is one of the fun ways to learn the Russian language. It also serves as a window to peek inside Russian culture […]