7 Most Recommended Russian Cartoons to Watch for Language Learners

Hello learners! Learning a new language is always challenging, isn’t it? You might want to start learning Russian language for a number of reasons, whether you’re planning to just visit Russia for your summer holiday,  or perhaps stay longer for work or studies, as there are many advantages of studying in Russia for international students. Either way, mastering a new language can be a long way to go, but don’t be intimidated! There are other fun entertaining ways you can learn Russian and even have a good laugh. Don’t believe it? Today, we’ll talk about 7 most recommended Russian cartoons to watch for language learners!

First of all, why cartoons? Well, after reading this article, don’t miss the point and think that watching some Russian cartoons will make you a master in speaking Russian. Learning from cartoons is one of the simpler ways for passive learning. You learn from listening to the conversations in Russian cartoons, and slowly absorb new vocabularies. Since cartoons’ primary audience is children, the language used is simple, so you can pick up some basic Russian words for beginners. Moreover, cartoons are a great way to be familiar with Russian culture and daily life.

So, let’s jump into the recommended Russian cartoons!

1. Cheburashka

Originally made in the 1960s, Cheburashka is still a widely popular cartoon until today, thanks to Cheburashka’s unusual yet cute appearance. This cartoon has a pretty simple plot that is easy to understand, revolving around the friendship of Cheburashka and Gena the Crocodile. Aside from its adorable characters, we recommend this cartoon because it’s not very dialogue-heavy, meaning you can easily pick up the words being said and have quite enough time to digest the language while still understanding the story. Feel free to watch this cartoon with subtitles in your native language to make it easier for starters!

2. Three from Prostokvashino

Three from Prostokvashino is another cartoon with a light and understandable storyline for beginners. It’s about the story of how a boy, a talking cat, and a dog explore the countryside.We recommend this cartoon because the conversations are quite slow-paced so beginners to intermediate learners can still pick up what the characters are saying. The vocabulary is also common, so test yourself if you can understand well while watching this one!

3. Wings, legs and tails

Produced in 1986 in the early days of Soviet animation, this cartoon is actually adapted from a fable. It’s about a bird teaching an ostrich to fly. Sounds funny? Well, it’s because this cartoon is made to emphasize an important moral message in the end for children, to teach them to be themselves and not compare themselves to others! Besides the touching message, this cartoon is also great to watch because of the slow, and clear dialogue being used, so beginners to intermediate learners will enjoy this easily. The duration of this cartoon is also quite short, so you can always replay it to see if you understand better the second time around.

4. A Mountain of Gems

Do you enjoy learning history about another country? Then this cartoon might be your choice to learn Russian language and history at the same time! If you’re seeking something lighter than Russian historical movies, give this cartoon a try. It’s not exactly a TV cartoon, it’s actually airing on YouTube with over 70 episodes and counting! Russian cartoon creators teamed up to make this show particularly for entertainment and education purposes, how noble is that? Each episode features a folktale from different Russian ethnic groups, so you won’t get bored watching this one. They also provide subtitles if you’re still doubting your Russian skills. Put this on your to-watch list!

5. Hedgehog in the Fog

Created in 1975, this cartoon is actually less than 11 minutes long, so it’s great to watch on a busy day when you don’t have much time to learn. As the title suggests, it’s about the journey of a hedgehog who gets lost on the way to visit its bear friend. Although its quite short, you can still find a great deal of basic Russian vocabulary here, along with references to Russian culture to help you understand the country better!

Fun fact: this cartoon actually birthed the popular Russian idiom “как ёжик в тумане” (kak YOzhik f tooMAHny), or “like a hedgehog in a fog,” which describes being confused just like the hedgehog in this story. Interesting!

6. The Bremen Town Musicians

Love to challenge yourself for a little level-up? Why not! Another way to pick up Russian language easily is through songs. That’s why we recommend this musical cartoon called The Bremen Town Musicians, a Soviet production from 1969 based on a Brothers Grimm fairytale. It’s about the journey of 5 animal characters as a music band. Sounds fun, doesn’t it? Throughout the cartoon, you can learn Russian language not only from the Russian conversations, but also the entertaining songs they sing! It might be a bit of a challenge at first, but pretty sure it will be a fun learning process! Feel free to check the lyrics of the cartoon’s soundtrack so you can sing along as you watch. Before you know it, you will be better at both speaking and singing in Russian!

7. Masha and The Bear

We’re pretty sure most of you know this cartoon! It’s popular both in and out of Russia, even among non-Russian viewers. Originally created from a Russian folktale, Masha and The Bear is an entertaining cartoon about the mischiefs of a girl named Marsha and a bear, who meet in the forest. The plot is light-hearted and comical, but it also includes lots of references to Russian culture, symbols, and lifestyle, so you can get more in-depth about Russia from this cartoon. The vocabulary is also simple so it’s perfect for beginners. With its popularity, it’s also really easy to find subtitles to guide you along.

Learning Russian isn’t so boring after all with these cartoons, is it? Now you can browse through these options and see which of our 7 most recommended Russian cartoons to watch for language learners suits you the most! Happy watching!

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