Learn Russian Easily Through These 5 Smartphone Apps

Learning has taken a whole step to a new level, thanks to technology. Students and learners don’t have to attend physical classes if they feel limited by time and distance but can still get all of the benefits. This trend also encourages people to be independent learners which means they can find methods and lessons they feel suitable for them and take it from there. One of the things more and more people find easier to learn today is language. There are a lot of websites that offer both free and purchased lessons that people can follow right from the front of their computer screens.

A few languages are considered harder to learn than the other, usually because they use different sets of alphabet. Russian is one of them. But, now that almost everyone has a smartphone to do a lot of things with, you can move the desktop lessons to your phone. Other than through the Russian learning websites, try these 5 smartphone apps to help you learn the language more easily. Check them out!

1. HelloTalk

You have probably heard about this app before as it is one of the most popular language learning applications that cover around 150 languages with more than 15 million users. The main feature of this app is the chat feature that allows its users to find native speakers from around the world to learn their languages with. You can choose to voice chat or text chat with them. Every user who registers will be both teacher and learner with the languages they teach and learn shown on the profile. When the GPS is turned on, you can find speakers near your location you can meet up with – please use this feature with cautions, though. Almost the whole app is for free except for the translation, voice recognition, and transliteration.

2. Tandem

This app is quite similar with HelloTalk where you can get hooked up with native speakers who are willing to teach you their languages through text, voice, and/or video chat. The premium feature will connect you with certified tutors who, clearly, have better lesson plans to help you achieve progress and know which parts still need improvements. There is also a little difference with the profiles where a user can upload up to 6 pictures  where they can display end explain better about themselves to dismiss the shady vibration.

3. Simply Learn Russian

If you need a quick help with Russian phrases, then this is the right app for you. It is handy for travelers or people who only need to grasp how to use the daily conversation in Russian. Just like the name, it is simple and easy to use. The learner section is divided into four: beginner, traveler basics, traveler advanced, and expat. Other than texts, there are also audio files that accompany them to help you with the correct pronunciation. When you use the free version of the app, you will get limited word and phrase cards. To unlock the complete cards, you have to make some purchasing.

4. Memrise

The name of the app pretty much explains what it will help you with the most; yes, memorize the words. It is a unique app as it uses mnemonic approach to make memorizing easier. Mnemonic is a pattern of letters, ideas, or anything else to associate with other things to assist the remembering. Memrise is great for beginners who wish to start off with as much vocabulary as possible before moving on to grammar and more. If you are looking for a fun way to learn Russian, then this could be the right app for you as it gives out games as lesson reviews. Memrise is free, but there is the pro plan if you want to get more elaborate exercises. However, the free version is already good enough to learn easy and necessary Russian you basically need.

5. Duolingo

This is another popular language learning app out there with 32 available languages, including Russian, and around 300 million users. With this app, learning can be so much fun as you will get rewards everytime you complete a level of learning that you can use to decorate your profile. There are badges, stars, and accessories for your mascot in the app. This is what makes Duolingo a very encouraging platform for people to learn language with and it is also suitable for children. This app also offers “side dishes” like podcasts, stories, flashcards, and dictionary. If you are a more advanced learner, then this app may not be the one you are looking for as the exercises cold come across as too easy and lessons quite basic. If you have reached the top level, you will gain the “conqueror” title, and this is the time for you too look for a different app or website to improve your Russian skill more.

After we took a look at the 5 smartphone apps you can use to learn Russian with, it is safe to say that most of the apps are great for basic learners or beginners. But they can come very handy if your goal is just to use the practical Russian for daily conversation and simple understanding of words you might see at the restaurant’s menu or supermarket aisles. All of the apps above can be found in both App Store and Play Store. Duolingo can be installed on Windows too. So, out of the six language skills one needs to master; vocabulary, listening, speaking, reading, writing, and grammar – almost all of the basics are covered by the apps. As for the grammar, it would be better to find online resources. Have fun learning!

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