8 Unusual and Weird Things in Kazan

Before we decided to go somewhere, the main thing we search is the best things we can do there. Often travelers will seek things that they can’t find back home. Visitors from tropical countries will thing snow is amazing, and a visitor from four seasons countries will soak the burning sun of tropical beaches. So, before you book that flight and plan your itinerary, you should definitely google unusual and weird things in a country. When unusual things made it search engine, it is definitely worth to explore.

Kazan is the “third capital of Russia”, It has plenty of interesting things that attract visitors, unlike other Russian cities. Kazan in portrays to be different and people can relate it as the unusual Kazan. The architectural is strangely beautiful with a twist of mixture element. When you walk into Kazan, you will see make smiling faces, friendly and moreover joyful. This unusual Kazan atmosphere maybe because in a city where people are different, means they learn to be more moderate and welcoming. Because of this facts, it actually becomes Kazan strongest signature.

This center of Tatarstan Republic exists before Moscow even built, 150 years earlier. The city of Kazan and its Tartar culture then conquers by Russia under the rule of Ivan the Terrible. The unusual and weird things happen and take a pleasant turn.

Unusual Kazan that attracts people

Kazan is a melting pot for numerous religions, a blend of Slavic and Tatar cultures and outstanding famous architecture that will make you amaze. Unusual Kazan is undoubtedly a city worth visiting, there are so many famous places to see and activities to do. For those planning to travel to this Millenial city, we’ve put together Unusual and weird things in Kazan, Russia

1. Unusual Symbols

Kazan city symbol influenced by the Tartar myth, the Zilant (Зилант). The legendary creature with dragon head, chicken legs, snake neck, and tail, with scaly skins, sign a unique tartar history. The same symbol can be found in Kazan modern flag, with red wings, sharp teeth, dark-gray feathers.

Tartar acknowledges this creature like a snake lookalike, but Russian will represent it as a dragon. A statue of Zilant located on one of the corners of Kazan Kremlin. The statue is made of white sand and details carvings.

2. Bizzare Architectural

Because Kazan is older than Moscow, about 150 years apart. The city is filled with an Ottoman-style architectural spread in some areas, mostly in The Kazan Kremlin. After Russia invaded Kazan, newer landmarks and building are made. The mixed style creates a more modern Russia and offers a different scenery. Famous unusual buildings in Kazan such as The Temple of All Religion and The Marriage Center is just some of the example bizarre architectural exist.

3. Strange Souvenirs

Kazan is a place unusual souvenirs which represent the city’s unique icons. Here are some items which most tourists take back with them:
  • Chak chak – The sticky sweet traditional Tatar snack made from honey. This sweet treat is Kazan signature food.
  • Traditional clothing – Tartar’s colorful cloth influenced by Muslim long outfit, amazing embroidered and cowboy twists.
  • Jewelry – Prayer beads are very popular choices of a gift.
  • Kazan Rubin – Kazan Rubin is the city’s leading football team. Merchandise from all time Kazan loving team is a must for sport’s lover.

4. Cat in Kazan

The three meters high Cat sculpture is located in the center of Kazan, on the pedestrian Bauman street. A well-fed cat lying, comfortably on a couch with a mouse, relaxing under a tent roof. Historically cats, an especially bread from St.Petersburg with strong built, huge head, and stiff neck is brought to Kazan to vanquish the mice that destroy Palaces.
The cats saved the palace from harmful rodents and statues reminded of that particular events. Tourist can find a stone cat statue on the bank of Raif Lake, aluminum one in Baumana Street and a bronze sculpture in front of  National Museum of the Republic of Tatarstan.

5. Sosnovaya Roshcha

Russia has many parks to enjoy the Russian autumn by having a picnic and watching the leaves fall. Russian people will go to parks during spring and autumn when the weather is warm and cozy. Russian Parks are beautiful due to the fact the country posses many interesting plants. There is something special in Sosnovaya Roshcha. The the second largest park in Kazan is the key focus to preserve the endangered plants. High technology from Danish and Dutch create this disability friendly park. The park in daily basis attracts young and old to spend in the park that is accessible to all.

6. The Cathedral Mosque

The oldest building in Bolgar is now ruining with only walls and open-air rooftop. Near the mosque stands a large minaret – 32 meters tall which belief able to wash away your sins. Legend believes for every stair someone climbs, is the number of sins forgiven. The ruins depict amazing view, despite your belief about that facts. visitors roam the mosques landscapes and climb to the stairs. The famous place becomes busy with people and really put a life in the remains.

7. Kazan Language

The city official language is Russian and Tartar. Both languages are equally used. Therefore it creates an unusual atmosphere when visitors enter the city. The combination of both languages will raise some eye brown.

Your ear will need some time to get used to the languages. Both language also used for public sign across the city. If you are in luck, English writing can also be found to help visitors to travel.

8. Millenium Park

Kazan takes Millenium theme seriously, they build Millenium bridge with big letter M, and they also have a Millenium Park. It seems like your typical park but what is unusual about it. Kazan Millennium Park surrounded by the city’s symbols – Zilant dragons. There is also a fountain in a bronze cauldron shape decorated by Zilant figures. Kazan people will go and enjoy the scenery and the unusual decorations add value to the venue. Many wedding photos are taken here, due to Kazan marriage symbolize by cauldron. Which is happen to be the same symbol used in Kazan Marriage center.

That is 8 unusual and strange thing you can find in Kazan. The uniqueness of the place will carry out to be amazing travels for visitors. So make sure you experience unusual Kazan and visit those places yourself and experience a different side of Russia.

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