9 Best Outdoor Activities To do When You Live in Kazan

Outdoor activities in Kazan is very diverse. As in any major city, in Kazan there are many places offer an entertainment program for every generation. There are landmarks and architectural for people who love classical, and there are concert and theater for those who love art and culture. If you wish to find out more about Islam in Russia, Kazan is the right place to go. There are hot air balloon ride, airplane lessons for those who dare to reach for the sky. And the naturalist will love Kazan parks, lakes, an island. Outdoor lovers should pay attention to Kazan that has many attractive outdoor activities to do.

Best outdoor activities in Kazan

Kazan is a combination of original Russian traditions and Tatar mentality. Even Russian coming to Kazan will fell like foreigners. The city appeal not only to fans of culture but also to those who like to spend time outdoors. Seasons changes but the great outdoor have a lot to offers, warm season is ideal for swimming, sunbathing, sightseeing, and during the off-season is perfect for picnics and hiking. Winter in Kazan means skiing, snowboarding and ice skating. The options for experiencing outdoor activities in Kazan is endless the daytime is great hanging out and the nightlife is Kazan is vibrant and lively. But, here we gather 9 Best outdoor activities to do when you live in Kazan.

  1. One stop entertainment

One stop entertainment, Water park “Riviera” offers visitors a wide range of entertainment. It has huge pools, slides, and open-air terraces. If you fancy relaxing activities try their gondola rides and feast your eyes by doing window shopping in the area.

Another one-stop entertainment hub is Suvar Plaza complex, with spacious cavaedium, colorful recreation areas for younger generations. The entertainment area includes a magnificent Grand Cinema, cafes and bars.

  1. Sightseeing

Sightseeing, you can explore the Russian architectural, experience tartar culture and stroll along the riverside overlooking the millennium bridge. Kazan sight offers various options and will amaze your eyes.

If you live in Kazan, your time to fully explore the city is quite long. Mare the most by prioritizes the ones you really wanted to go or do your research, check on opening time and maps and explore with a starting point that enable you to see more on what the city can offer.

  1. Segway tour

Segway tour, tired of walking around the city on foot? try a Segway tour, you can have a tour across Kazan on a Segway wheel, exploring will be so much easier and lest blister on your foot. The two-wheeled vehicle consisting of a platform for the feet mounted handles. Tours of the city route typically stretch from 5 – 6 km, unless you have a personal route to discovers. Sightseeing in these wheels can save time and energy.

This device gives a more meaning for taking time walking in the park. And with tours hold frequently, you can see the city in a cool device with friends and an experience staffs.

  1. Dbravnaya Ski

Dbravnaya Ski, An open area of high slope perfect for skiing. This place is a must go to place in winter. It is located in the city center. you don’t have to travel a great distance to reach it. It offers ski rental equipment, slides, and ice skating, learn snowboarding, which is popular activities during winter time.

They are also open during summer when trees are green and the sun is warm. Outdoor activities at this time of year will be paintball competitions, hiking and bird watching. The perfect place for family, corporate retreat or just go solo.

  1. Parusa

Parusa, The clear water in the Blue Lake attracts visitors the spend the day in the water. The water is so crystal, the trees are very shady and abundance. A relaxing of series outdoor activities to enjoy with family and friends. You can rent a boat, sharing the fare with friends, will be cheaper, rent a guest house and have a blast during the weekend. A trip to a nearby island, you will experience total isolation and really to enjoy the water life.

  1. Horseback riding

Horseback riding, there is some riding club that visitor can try on riding Kazan horses. Namely prestige club, Ramaevsky, and equstrial are just a few of popular name in providing horse riding experience. It is a great way to enjoy the Kazan scenic scenery on a horse with the guise of friendly staffs.

  1. Ibike

Ibike, bike riding with a rental bike is another chose to explore the widespread famous places scattered in Kazan. You can rent a bike and leave it in their posts. It is an affordable, eco-friendly and healthy way of sightseeing the Kazan city. Spending hours under the sun and enjoying the view is a relaxing way to enjoy the day.

  1. Hot air balloon (tulpar aeroclub)

Hot air balloon (tulpar aeroclub) viewing the city from above is quite a unique way to enjoy the city. If you are ready for an adrenalin adventure tour across Kazan by a hot air balloon. It is an outdoor activity you can’t miss. It is quite expensive but all it worthed when you are up in the sky, the staff prepared the ride in such detail to ensure the flight safety. Many books a flight as a birthday gift for their loved ones. The tulpar aeroclub is a club that held the hot-air balloon trip, situated in Betlova Kazan, usually, they take rides by cars to the balloon location.

  1. A private plane flighted.

You can try your hand on the pilot hand under the airplane seat. Aviator provides certified flying lessons as for one day flying tour of the Kazan sky. The tour takes place in the Kurkachi Airport (in the Vysokogorsky district) There are simulations and lessons before trying your hand on the wheel. Booking in advance is mandatory due to the fact the sky also has its own traffic. Healthcare also carefully monitor and of course you will not left alone in the cockpit, an expert pilot will accompany you.

There you have it, the best 9 outdoor activities to do in Kazan. If you live in Kazan you will have the time of your life exploring the unique multicultural city. The great scenery from nature, lakes to architectural all blend nicely and strangely attractive.

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