Temple of All Religions; A Proof That Russia is The Right Country for All Religions

In this article, we will learn more about Temple of All Religions, a proof that Russia is the right country for all religions. Situated in the Russian city of Kazan, the beautiful Temple of All Religions, or Universal Temple is a mish-mash of structural twists culled from a large portion of the major world religions […]

How is Russian Belief towards Religion? 

Religion has consistently been an essential part of Russian life, even during times of mistreatment.   There are almost 5,000 enrolled religious associations in Russia. The greater part pursues the Russian Orthodox Church, as indicated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation. Islam is the second biggest religion; around 10 percent to 15 […]

Kalmykia; the Largest Merciful Place for Buddhist in Russia

In Russia there are many religious movements. The freedom of conscience and religion, as well as the right to individual or collective practice of any non-aggressive religion to publicly disseminate its beliefs and actions are guaranteed by the Constitution of the Russian Federation. Religion in Russia is represented by the main world religions and their […]

Russian Orthodox Church And The Historical Journey Of Russia

When we want to learn about the history of a country, we can learn from its culture. One part of the culture is religion. Religions, more or less, have the roll to shape the habit and the characteristics of its believer. It can even affect the running of the whole country’s government. Russia is a […]

All About Slavic Religion; An Orthodox Beliefs in Russia

What are the Slavic religions? Before moving further let’s talk about Slavic first. Slavic is an adjective to describe anything related to the Slavs. Whether it is Slavic countries, Slavic people, and Slavic language. Slavs itself is a group of people residing in the middle to the east European. They have distinct language, culture, and […]

Is Religion A Part of Russian Taboo?

One of the most common misconception around the world about religion in Russia: Because of Russia’s close connection with communism (a leftover of a bygone era), people who have never learn and never go to Russia think that religion is not allowed to be practiced or talked about. They think that Russian government follows communism […]

Muslim Communities in Russia and Their Facts

As unlikely as it may sound, Islam is the second largest beliefs in Russia after the Orthodox Christianity. The number of the Russians who profess this religion reaches 6.5% of the total population. The history of Islam in Russia is dated back from the time of Catherine the Great, the Empress of Russia from 1762 […]

History of Epiphany Tradition in Russia

In Christianity, Epiphany is the moment of revelation of Jesus as the incarnation of God. It is one of the Christian holidays and is celebrated all around the world, in Russia included. However, it is not Russia if they don’t have their unique and distinguished tradition. Here you will learn about History of Epiphany tradition […]

4 Facts of Major religion in Russia

Russian people diverse in religion. The major religion in Russia includes Christianity, Muslims, Judaism, and Buddhism. Besides the four major religion, Russia also allows other religion in the country, such as Mormon, and Catholicism. All religion can pray, build prayer house and celebrate their holidays. These visible across Russian, from their temples, mosques, churches, festivals and […]