Most Wanted Tips From Russian Girls on How to Attract Them (Men Should Know!)

Female has always been a big mystery to men everywhere around the world. They have been trying to put together the pieces of puzzles to get to the hearts of their dream girls. But, they should have known, the best way to understand a girl and how to get her interested is right through her […]

10 Unexpected Things that Russian Man Seek In A Love Relationship

Relationship is something that requires the effort of two people, and not one. That’s perhaps something that most of you have known already. Even if sometimes you see it as something that happens out of love, well, it’s true, but that’s not all it takes. If a relationship only rely on love and never bother […]

9 Things that Russian Woman Seek In A Love Relationship with You

In this wide world with billions various type of people from many different countries, things aren’t the same. Shaking hands might mean in a polite way in one country, while being seen as a rude act in another. That’s just simple example about the habits variety, not to mention the individual different characters and values. […]

10 Personal Traits that Russian Man Hate from Woman Instinctively

Have you ever have a crush on someone but after few times they seem like don’t care about you so suddenly? Woman, sometimes it’s not always because you’re not pretty enough, but it might be because of the mistakes you’re doing. It’s important to know how to impress and attract a man, but it’s more […]