10 Tips for A Memorable Date With Your Russian Boyfriend on Valentine’s Day

memorable dateHow would you describe a perfect Valentine’s date with a Russian boyfriend? This is probably what you have in mind: You and your date having a great time, the place is perfect, the atmosphere is amazing, you both share an amazing moment, and there’s a great vibe between you. Well, a memorable date is not a dream, you can plan and work on it. Here are 10 tips for a memorable date with your Russian boyfriend on valentine’s day.

1. Say Happy Valentine in Russian

When he’s picking you up at your door, welcome him with the sweetest greeting of the day. A happy Valentine greeting, even better, in Russian.

This is how you say “Happy Valentine” in the Russian language.

С днем святого Валентина!  (S Dnyem Svyatogo Valentina!) – Happy St. Valentine’s Day!

2. Bring him a special gift

There’s something lacking on Valentine’s Day if you don’t prepare Valentine’s gift for your boyfriend. You don’t have to buy an expensive gift if you can’t afford it. In general, guys love practical gift – something he can use daily. Give him a watch, a wallet, or even a pair of socks, guys are usually aren’t as picky.

However, amp up your gift on this special day. Research about personalized gifts. If it is your longtime boyfriend, write him a heartfelt letter or make a custom Valentine’s card. Be creative with your love. Create something that is unforgettable for both of you.

3. Dress to the max

For a special day, prepare to look dashing in front of your boyfriend. Grab some Russian organic beauty products to pamper yourself before the date. It’s also a chance to treat yourself for some self-care regime. Having good and fresh appearance will make you feel better, therefore boosting your confidence.

Steal some style from Russian ladies. Also, learn about some beauty tips of Russian women. You can mix and Match with your own style and creativity. After all, it’s always better to incorporate your authenticity in your style. As for makeup, it’s always better to be in moderation. Don’t apply too thick that you look scary.

4. Relaxed and be confident

It’s totally understandable that a date can be nerve-wracking and you have so many reasons to be nervous. However, try not to. Come relaxed and confident. Show him that you’re ready to have a great date. Smile and hide away your awkwardness.

5. Enjoy the meal

There’s a high possibility that he’s the one planning the whole date thing. If you and your boyfriend have a dinner date, make sure you eat enough. Be adventurous with your choice of menu and don’t stick to a boring dish such as salad. Show him that you appreciate his choice and enjoy his taste. After all, he probably spent a great amount of time to research the best restaurant in town. He probably had a hard time making a reservation too since Valentine’s Day is one of the busiest time of the year.

6. Be an interesting conversation partner

Being silent and unresponsive is a recipe for a bad date. Imagine you’re sitting with a person who’s just silent all the time during dinner. Bored, unappreciated, wondering if there’s something wrong, those are all bad feelings coming with a bad date partner. You certainly don’t want your boyfriend to feel that. Even if you are shy, speak up.

Tell him about the Russian literature you’ve read or Russian movies to watch. Sure he’ll be impressed that you took the time to get to know his culture. Tell him about your travel, your hobbies, anything that shows how interesting you are. However, try to stir away from following topics: politics (unless it’s his cup of tea), girly stuff (leave that for your girlfriends), and gossip (no one likes gossipy person).

7. Listen and compliment

Of course, being a good conversationalist doesn’t mean you have to talk all the time. If you’re the one dominating the conversation, it will seem off-putting. Let him talk and have a fair share of the conversation. Ask a lot of question for him to answer. Pretty sure he has plenty of interesting things to tell you.

When he talks, it’s your duty to pay attention and listen. Interrupting is never cool as it is rude. Let him finish his sentence before you give a response. And be sure to respond in such a way that shows you’ve been paying attention. Do not be cheap with compliments. People love compliments. A compliment will sure boost your boyfriend’s confidence.

8. Have fun and be carefree

Show your boyfriend that you’re having a great time. Laugh at his jokes (if it’s funny) or point it out if it’s not (with humor of course). There’s a big chance that he’s the one planning the date. Compliment him for his choice of restaurants, for example. Do not be shy to express your gratitude that he’s bringing you out for a memorable date tonight.

9. Limit the alcohol

It’s really embarrassing if you lost your cool because you’re drinking too much during dinner. He might call it cute, but don’t believe him. Nobody knows what really happens when you’re dead drunk. He won’t tell you either for fear of embarrassing you. Leave vodka-filled party for another occasion. Valentine’s night is for all things romantic.

10. Ask him to show the city around

Since he’s a Russian and if you’re in Russia, it will be a good idea to make him your personal guide around the city. Ask him to show cool places only locals know. Step away from over touristy area such as Red Square and venture into hidden corners around Moscow. If you both happen to be in his hometown, ask him to show you memorable places he had growing up

Now, you go girl and have an amazing date!

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