5 Popular Cities in Russia to Meet and Date Singles; Find Your Soulmate Here!

Russia is becoming more and more lonely: in Ivanovo there are already 5 men for 10 women. We will take a look at cities in Russia where there are most single men and women and where single people are most actively looking for a couple. The census data for the 50 largest regions of the country compiled a rating of the most isolated cities in Russia. Most single people live in megacities. In Moscow, 41% of men are not in a relationship, and in St. Petersburg – 51.2% of women.

1. Ivanovo

According to the latest census of the Russian population, women in Ivanovo have the hardest time. This city retains its honorary title as the capital of brides – after all, it houses enterprises that produce clothes and bedding. This is a typical women’s work, which may be why there are only 100 men for 190 Russian women in Ivanovo. Loneliness there is the main problem, and every year it only worsens.

2. Yaroslavl

In second place in the number of single women is the small old city of Yaroslavl. This is a popular tourist center, cozy, green, with a beautiful promenade, where there are 179 women per 100 men. Due to the large number of tourists, such a gap in the demographic situation is not very evident, but the statistics are inexorable. Many girls from Yaroslavl are trying to move to the capital, which is Moscow, to look for promising husbands.

3. Chita

Next in the ranking of the loneliest Russian cities are Chita, Kursk and Nizhny Novgorod. There, one hundred of potential suitors account for 174 (for Chita and Kursk) and 173 (for Nizhny Novgorod) brides. This is also a very noticeable gap and local residents that already reach the age of 24 years old are acutely aware of the shortage of future husbands in their city.

4. St. Petersburg

The capital of the “White Nights”, the second largest city in Russia, St. Petersburg is in the middle of the list with a ratio of 100 men to 153 single women.

5. Vladivostok

The closing three are Vladivostok, Surgut (in both cities the ratio is 100 men to 131 women), and last place in the ranking of single cities of Russia is Makhachkala, located in southern Russia with 100 single men for 117 single women.

In Moscow, men do not seek serious relationships at all. About 41 percent of male residents of the capital answered negatively to the question of whether they had a constant companion. The data above was all rounded from the country official census, but how about the dating sites?

Based on the results of the study, a rating of the most “lonely” cities was compiled. The first place in the percentage of the population to the number of single people registered on the dating site is the city of Pokrovsk, the administrative center of the Khangalassky district of Yakutia. Over 20% of the city’s population regularly visit dating sites. Krasnodar is in second place (14% of residents visit dating sites), the third is Zvenigorod of the Moscow Region (13%). Further, the top of the loneliest cities was distributed as follows: Istra (Moscow region), Petrozavodsk (Karelia), Stavropol, Kaliningrad, Chelyabinsk, Vladivostok.

Of course, all of these are just numbers. When it refers to the census data, not all single Russian women are looking for a partner – which means not all of them are actually available. On the other hand, when it refers to the dating sites data, not all that claim themselves to be single on the websites are actually single in real life – which means they may not be qualified for a long-term relationship that would most likely lessen the number of single people in the city. However, when it is all about fun and getting to know new people to let the fate bring the next dish on to the table, then the mentioned cities above are great for a start. Traditional ways of looking for a partner may have become rare today, as more and more people feel more comfortable with online dating services.

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